Vestige of Void

In Vestige of Void, Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere, born in the world known Halkeginia, performs the Familiar Summoning Ritual that is so commonly practiced by students of the Tristanian Academy of Magic. Instead of getting her desired Familiar in any form, a Portal to Coldharbour is torn open, through which Molag Bal interferes.

Her soul now taken by the Daedric Prince, Louise is a Vestige like so many of Tamriel’s sacrificed citizens, and must escape the prison.

You can begin reading it HERE.

NOTE: This is a Familiar of Zero cross over! Instead of the typical “Louise is Reverse-Summoned into Skyrim,” this is a bit more of a drastic change. Is this actually going to go somewhere? Maybeee… Maybe nootttt…. Who can say? :33


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