Dovah’s Mind

Follow the adventures of the young, Dragon obsessed Drow, Caliborn, as he wanders across Skyrim on a journey to become the Dragonborn. Find out how he fares in this Mind series, inspired by Ross Scott’s Freeman’s Mind. You can begin watching Caliborn’s adventures HERE.

The rules I’ll try to use as best as I can are simple:

  1. No THIRD Person (unless the mouse glitches up or the game forces it on me)
  2. No Fast Travel using the Fast Travel system included in-game. Mods that replicate the effect on the other hand…. Heh heh.
  3. Caliborn will NOT die due to God Mode being enabled.
  4. NOR will he reload from an old save unless I absolutely have to. (Such as the game crashing and forcing me to do some rather creative editing.)
  5. Mods listed on the main page will be used.
  6. If I Time Skip over a portion of Caliborn’s adventure, whatever the reason may be, you’re not going to be missing anything important.

That’s it. Other than that, this is vanilla Skyrim, and everything that I encounter from vanilla skyrim will be there.


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