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OOC – Been Thinking

With the gutwrenching double punch of loosing two Video Hosting Websites in succession (ZippCast, then Vid.Me), and then facing the possibility that I might never be able to get back to filming entirely given some concerning computer issues I’ve had recently, I’ve been left with the dilemma of a choice.

Do I:

  • A: Leave Dovah’s Mind to fade away and never be finished?
  • B: Return to Youtube and all the frustrating politics there?
  • C: End the Video Series at Disk 2’s end, and finish the story off as a Text Based Story?

Now, I’ve come to the decision to lean heavily into the later category, considering the push of writing I’ve been doing over on AO3 for a bit of stress relief. (A Crossover story between Homestuck and Stargate, heh!)

I’m nearing the end of an Arc there, and I think, with some off and on alternating, I could probably pull off delivering the final story beats for Dovah’s Mind, and the other crossover elements with Callie’s story, and some of the ESO story fragments. Keep your eyes peeled for that, sometime soonish.

Meanwhile, what about MYSTRYAL?  Book 6 has about two more updates left in it before it wraps up, and at that point, I’m going to be sort of leaving the web-novel version hanging for a bit. As I finish off the Dovah’s Mind stuff, and get some other gears in alignment story wise, I’ll be finally getting those six novels rewritten for proper publishing.

IDK who even still follows this blog at this point, but if you’re still here and reading, then thanks for sticking around and being so patient.

_Calum Traveler

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Ontop of the whole NET NEUTRALITY fight going on right now, I am not a happy person.

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OOC – project milestones this week


Book 1’s LAST TWO CHAPTERS are going up tomorrow! If you haven’t already been reading, you can read all of Book 1 that is presently uploaded starting [HERE!]

Book 2 will be starting uploads sometime NEXT WEEK! I haven’t quite figured out the scheduling of it just yet.


If you’ve been keeping a close eye on things, you’ll notice that the Vid.Me reuploads of Dovah’s Mind are nearing the END OF DISK 1. Specifically, three more episodes are scheduled to be uploaded. One tomorrow, and the last two on Thursday. If you’re not following, you can start watching the reuploads of Dovah’s Mind on my Vid.Me channel, [Phantom Hopper Productions].

Reuploads of Disk 2 of Dovah’s Mind will be starting sometime next week as well. Once I’ve caught up to the start of disk 3, we should be re-entering the territory of new episodes once more!

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New site for Dovah’s Mind?
Okay, so, embedding doesnt work. But I’m thinking I’m officially moving to for dovah’s mind videos. I’m still working on tagging things buuuut…. I’m liking the way the site looks for now.

I think 2017 will likely be taken up with a massive reupload spree much like before. But since it seems most youtubers are moving here… (And no copyright bs so far to be seen)… well, I’m going to try to push through Dovah’s Mind on

This is my account name there;

Let’s get uploading, I guess… XD

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MYSTRYAL is a DETECTIVE SERIES set in a FANTASY WORLD similar to the ELDER SCROLLS or THE LORD OF THE RINGS. This is the WEB NOVEL version- put online with hopes to be picked up and published one day.

I’m tentatively rating it somewhere between TEEN and MATURE, TEEN-POINT 5? Is there an inbetween for that? *shrugs* Anyways, it’s primarily a MURDER MYSTERY series. If you’re okay with TV shows like BONES or CASTLE, you’ll probably be alright with this.

Updates will likely be once a week- with two chapters posted on Wednesdays- maybe more in a given week depending on how much progress I’ve made on other things.

If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it at

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll probably remember that this has been something I’ve been working on for a couple years now. I’ve decided I’m just going to put it online, and see if it gets interest built up. No sense sitting on it anymore.

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RIP ZippCast

It seems that my “Join an MMO Guild> It Dies” curse affects even video hosting websites.

I just found out that ZippCast will be closing shop due to its administrative team falling apart.

Welp, my only hope now is for TWITCH.TV to get around to allowing user uploads. I’ll have to restart reuploading fresh. T_T Oh well, this time I might as well upload everything instead of skipping episodes.

I’ll post more when I find out more.


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IRL decided to give me a swift kick to the head by screwing with my life once more. Remember how I was stressing to make everything so I could cool down in January and February and life made it so that… all those plans just fell apart? Well, that situation has reared up again and this time I don’t have a set backlog of new episodes to post. Like, I mean, I’ve got a few good ones past 400, but… yeah, I haven’t had time to make more new episodes past that and I dunno if life will give me a chance to do that.

I’ll still keep uploading backlogged old episodes, those are a constant at least for a while.

So yeah, TL;DR: Cal’s got irl shit to deal with that’s giving him a headache just thinking about and new episodes will likely fall to a halt for a while if he doesn’t get time to make them.

{WTF< didnt i post this earlier GEKjds COMEON}


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