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Your name is MIERFA DURGAS, and you are a SNEAK. You often find yourself in ODD SITUATIONS that you proudly worm your way out of with CHARM AND SKILL. And also a startling lack of armor half the time. That’s fine though- the TROPICAL REGION of SKYRIM is a bit too toasty for your liking. You are pretty much THE EXPERT on archery, or so you like to think. You Recently had a bad encounter in RIVERWOOD and try to steer clear of there, however. You think you should probably move south towards HELGEN, maybe your luck will get better there?

[00C] 0_0

I just finished editing together episode 48 of Dovah’s Mind- and with it, the LAST of my stored up footage has been used! A *LOT* has happened since I last filmed any footage. Mods have been added, Skyrim has been updated…Yeesh, I think I last did filming before the new year?! 0_o;;;

That said- that last round of footage has REALLY stretched quite far!!! I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get through it all. I won’t go into details, though, but some of the next episodes contain some of my favorite dialogue set to the upcoming events. ^u^

With regards to Calliope and Mierfa- I’ve got a bit more planned to do for Calliope, but I’ve sort of let Mierfa fall to the way side, I’m sorry to say. Life’s gotten quite out of hand for me, so we’ll see where this next half-year goes!

…Seriously, I got to ask… How the hell did it get to be August 8th already?


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You are now Pina Ayano, and you have not a single clue what has happened.

One minute you were fighting a Draugr that had broken through a wall, and the next, your companion was staring off into space as a nearby wall glowed a faint purple.

“Uh,” You wave a hand in front of her face, “hello?”

“Yeah! Right! Like I’d ever join you!!” She shouted suddenly at the wall, and then the iron gate next to you lowered into the ground.

“Uh…Mierfa…” You ask, “Are you okay?”

The Drow girl paused at that, and you have to wonder what’s running through her head at the moment.

You suppose you’ll never find out, however, because a Draugr awoke in a nearby room.

“Draugr,” you sigh. “Great.”

The duo progressed through the catacombs- clearing Draugr and necromancer revived corpses alike as they progressed.

One was taunted by endless streams of taunts from a dead spirit that only she could hear- the other was concerned for his companion’s sanity.

It was when they encountered a resurrected Vampire and Draugr that Ayano began to understand what was going on.

“You’ve come far, mortal,” The Vampire said, “No doubt you seek to enter Potema’s Sanctum. I can see to that. We’ll need plenty of fresh corpses to rebuild her army, you see.”

When he died by blade and arrow- Ayano remarked: “Potema!?”

“Yeah?” Mierfa raised an eyebrow, “What about it?”

“We’re hunting the Wolf Queen!?” He asked, a bit frantic.

“Yeah, so?” She asked.


“Can you stop that, please?”

“So we’re going in to get Potema’s remains?”


“Risking life and limb to prevent her from being resurrected and throwing Skyrim into even MORE chaos?


“…And she’s been tormenting you this entire time?”

“I just explained all this, didn’t I?”

“I’m just trying to understand all of this.”


“So is that everything?”


“Alright then.” He glanced to the door that Potema should be behind. “Let’s go bust some ghosts!”

> C8b

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It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since I started this website! In about 10 more days, (the 14th) this site will OFFICIALLY be:



Thanks for following me this far! Let’s hope it’ll be another good year to come!


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You are now Mierfa Durgas and you have A MASSIVE HEADACHE.

The poor girl sauntered back through the streets of Solitude as she clutched at her head- Things had not gone well in clearing that cave. Mierfa had the vaguest feeling that Potema had probably escaped somehow, and she wasn’t going to be happy about returning to the Jarl to tell her about this failure.

You are now Pina Ayano, and you are STILL FIGHTING A MIGHTY DRAGON.

“Take THAT!” CLANG! “And some of THIS!” KLAM! “And a little of THIS and THAT!” THWUMP!

“KRAAAH!” The Dragon hissed in pain. How could this boy be so GOOD?

“Are you sure?” The Jarl was off elsewhere at the moment- leaving Mierfa to talk with Falk Firebeard. “You think Potema might have escaped?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Mierfa nodded, though grimaced through her headache.

“Alright, that’s more than enough for me,” Falk shook his head in disbelief, “Potema had catacombs underneath the Temple of the Divines. Her remains should be in there. If Potema is revived even partially, that will be where she will spawn herself!”

“So what do I do? Kill her again?” Mierfa frowned.

“Yes, if need be,” Falk nodded, “Then take her remains to the Hall of the Dead. If we purify them, she should be permanently banished!”

“Alright, I’ll head on over there then…”

Most of the temple-goers stared at him in confusion. A Breton boy that spontaneously was dumped onto the main floor with a massive pile of treasure and dragon bones around him- laughing madly as if he’d just had the best day of his life.

Mierfa walked in to this strange sight without even knowing about the teleportation part of the story. “Seriously,” she said flatly, “this is what you found with the key?”

“Haha!” Ayano laughed some more, “Yeah! Exactly all of this! Hahaha!”

Mierfa sighed, “Alright, just leave it here for now, we’ve got some catacombs to find.”

“Okay! Just let me pick up some of the important stuff here,” Ayano glanced around, “Um, could someone get me a satchel or something first?”

In the end- the Dragonborn now had a massive sword strapped to his back, and a bag full of miscellaneous items stuffed inside- the most ‘important’ of which was a giant multi-sided spherical crystal object that appeared to glow with the faintest light of the sun.

“Chrysamere, huh?” Mierfa whistled, “Impressive, I don’t think we could’ve gotten anything better for this job.”

“So what are we hunting here anyways?” Ayano glanced around the basement of the temple. “Catacombs?”

“Well…” Mierfa was about to say something more when a loud bang startled them both- A piece of a nearby wall had crumbled away- revealing a shambling Draugr behind it. “…I think we’re looking for that, actually.” She said simply.

> Chapter 8a

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Wolfskull cave- it was a mess. Skeletons had guarded the outside, and many of the tunnels had been filled with Necromancers.

Mierfa sighed as she surveyed her surroundings. The massive cave at the end of all of that had a fortress built inside- no doubt an ancient Nordic tomb- a safe haven for Necromancers. She could see why people were concerned about this cave as well- the magic that these fools were using had gotten so powerful that an entire jungle had sprouted up inside of it. There wasn’t even any direct sunlight for that to have been possible!

However- the Necromancer’s folly would be to her success.

She could use all these trees to her advantage, and she did such. Through thickets of branches and bushes- she aimed her bow and let loose arrows as precisely as she could. Sometimes she got lucky- her targets walked into her line of sight right after she fired. Other times she missed and had to quickly aim a second arrow before they could spot her.

Finally- she reached the stairs leading to the top of the central tower, where the Necromancers were chanting…

“Wolf Queen. Hear our call and awaken. We summon Potema!” The Ring-leader chanted.

“We summon Potema!” His followers cried out.

“Long have you slept the dreamless sleep of death, Potema. No longer. Hear us Wolf Queen! We Summon You!” The Ritual Master continued.

“We summon Potema!” The Followers continued.

Mierfa quirked an eyebrow- they were trying to resurrect the Wolf Queen? She had to put a stop to this…but a voice inside her brain sounding suspiciously like her dear uncle begged her to wait just a moment.

“Yes! Yes! Return me to this realm!” A voice- a new one, female and powerful- shouted. Potema, if Mierfa had to guess.

“As our voices summon you the blood of the innocent binds you Wolf Queen!” Mierfa could practically hear the grin on the Master Necromancer’s face.

“Summoned with words. Bound by blood.” The followers continued.

“What!” Potema shouted in dismay, and Mierfa held back a laugh, “What are you doing?! You fools! You cannot bind me to your wills!”

“Summoned with words! Bound by blood!” The Followers chanted.

“You ants don’t have the power to bind me!” Potema didn’t sound so sure of herself there- and Mierfa felt that that was long enough to wait.

“Hiya, everybody!” She leaped up the stairs, multiple arrows drawn in her bow. “Would you look who it is! It’s ME!

She let the arrows fly- most of them flying well off target- but due to the nature of the ritual- the few that hit their targets were enough to disrupt the ritual.

It was at that moment Mierfa realized that she was standing very much too close to the half-resurrected Potema.


An explosion of magical energy shot out- throwing Mierfa into the short wall, and the Necromancers over it.

It couldn’t be helped- Mierfa blacked out.

The Solitude Church was impressive on it’s own- but the room that Ayano found himself in was even more impressive than all of it combined. Before him lay a sword stuck in a massive boulder. Butterflies flitted about, but none wanted to land on the sword, or the sheath lying on the ground nearby. Still- the room was beautiful…and the sword even more so.

He couldn’t help it- he had to take it as his own.

Moments later- Ayano had found the world shifting around him, and the realm went from peaceful to volcanic in an instant.

The place around him was quite obviously either a plane of Oblivion or some other part of Tamriel that had long since been forgotten. There were monsters all around him- Massive insects, Flame Atronarchs, and a Dragon Priest- all of which guarded a massive stockpile of treasure and weapons- at the center of which was the sword he’d wanted to take in the first place.


Ayano took the sword without even checking for traps.

And then a Dragon descended from the heavens to challenge him for the sword.

“Bring it on,” Ayano smirked as he gave the heavy two-handed sword a twirl- carving a brief, blue aura circle into the air before he let loose a roar and charged for the dragon.

> C7c

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“So that was the guy who did the gates?” Ayano asked once Mierfa had returned from inquiring about who was just executed.

“Yup, exactly that guy.” She sighed, “A real shame too, had a daughter. I suppose I’ll have to keep an eye out for her.”

“So, what now?” Ayano had to ask. “We check out that key, and then what?”

“Before we do any of that, I’ve got to report back to Jarl Elisif that I finished up that task she gave me, then I want to get a fresh change of clothes from my place- maybe we can rest up a bit after traveling all this way?” Mierfa listed a few things off, “Then we can go investigate the key, I guess.”

“So…” Ayano continued, “Any other secrets you’d like to share? Are you Thane of any other holds? Got any other uncles or aunts?”

“Thane of Morthal- I helped clear out a vampire infestation a few months back.” A shrug followed, “Nothing else that comes to mind, sorry!”

Ayano was amazed by Solitude’s Blue Palace. All of Solitude was grown over with bright greens and large plants- but the entrance to the Palace itself was massively overgrown with Bamboo trees to the point it felt like they’d left a city and entered a tropical jungle once more.

As they entered the Blue Palace, the sounds of discussion came from the floor above them.

“I swear to you, unnatural magics are coming from that cave! There are strange noises and lights! We need someone to investigate!” Varnius Junius was proclaiming to the Jarl.

“Then we will immediately send out a legion to scour the cave and secure the town. Haafingar’s people will always be safe under my rule!” Elisif replied as Mierfa and Ayano ascended the stairs to the main landing.

Varnius was taken back in awe, “Th…thank you, my Jarl thank you.”

“Your eminence,” Sybille, the Jarl’s court wizard, said to the woman on the throne, “my scrying has suggested nothing in the area. Dragon Bridge is under imperial control. This is likely superstitious nonsense.”

“Perhaps a more,” Falk Firebeard, one of the Jarl’s advisers, added on with a cautious tone, “tempered reaction… might be called for?”

“Oh. Yes, of course you are right,” Elisif nodded, a frown over taking her as her eyes scanned the room. Then she smiled slightly upon seeing her Thane. “Falk, tell Captain Aldis I said to assign a few extra soldiers to Dragon Bridge.”

“Thank you, Jarl Elisif. But about the cave…?” Varnius was persistent about what he viewed to be a danger to his people.

“I’ll send my Thane to investigate it personally,” Elisif declared. “She’s just returned from a quest I’d assigned her, and so she’ll be the best bet for investigating this mysterious cave of yours, Varnius. You can return to Dragon’s Bridge with an easy mind.”

Mierfa and Ayano shared a look as she said, “I have a feeling we’re not going to get a chance to rest up first.”

“So who’s your friend, my Thane?” Elisif asked of the Drow girl with a cheerful smile.

“This is Ayano- he’s the guy the Greybeards called up,” Mierfa explained, “The Dragonborn.”

“And yet you come here to Solitude?” Elisif asked with some curiosity.

Ayano, who up til this point had remained silent, simply shrugged, “I’ve had some pressing business to take care of elsewhere first. The Greybeards can wait until I finish it up.”

“Many would not take such an attitude to being summoned, you’ve got courage to say such things in public!” Elisif remarked. “So what brings you to Solitude?”

“Business,” Ayano repeated, not elaborating on the point any further. “Like I said.”

“I see,” The Jarl mused.

“So what’s this about a cave?” Mierfa asked.

“Wolfskull cave- just to the west of Solitude- there have been many reports recently about suspicious activity there. I think it would be best for you to investigate it,” the Jarl said, “if that’s alright with you?”

“That’s fine with me so long as I get a chance to rest up first. The trip from Whiterun was tiring, and I’d like to tidy up a bit before I head back that way,” Mierfa agreed.

“Yes,” Elisif giggled just a little, “I can imagine that is quite the story you have to tell, if it involves the Dragonborn. By the way, those are some rather…interesting robes you’ve got there. They seem a bit rough around the edges though…”

“I had to cut them off of a burnt up Thalmor mage to replace my own clothes,” Mierfa said without shame, explaining without an interruption about how the Thalmor mage in question died, “he got caught up in a fight between Ayano and I and the dragon. Took the full force of a fire breath thinking he could just brush it off with a ward spell.”

“So Dragons truly have returned to Skyrim?” Elisif asked, “I’d thought the rumors to be true, but to hear of a first hand account of someone surviving…”

“Well, they’re back,” Ayano said, interjecting into the conversation rather suddenly, “and I can kill them. So yeah. Not rumors. Not Legends.” He looked the Jarl in the eyes and said rather firmly:

“They are as real as you and I.”


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As the two heroes left Markarth, a woman in robes ran up to them them- not-so-subtly dropping a key in front of them by stopping and pulling the key out of a pocket before dropping- and then continued on running away.

Mierfa raised an eyebrow, “Friend of yours?”

“Nope,” Ayano shook his head, then went to pick up the key. There was an ID tag attached (Luckily? Intentionally?) to the Key itself, directing whomever had it to the Solitude Shrines. “I guess someone wants us to go to Solitude.”

“Should we though?” Mierfa asked.

“Might as well- we’re closer to it than Whiterun right now.”

One long carriage ride through the jungle later- the two had reached Solitude’s carriage station- at a farm not too far from the gates.

“By the way,” Mierfa began as they walked up the road to the main gate, “that guy, Ulfirc, you were in the cart with back in Helgen?”

“Eh?” Ayano took a second to remember, “yeah? What about him?”

“He killed the High King here in Solitude. Right in his own home,” she explained. “So try not to bring it up while we’re here, people might get upset with you.”

“And you’re telling me this, why?” Ayano had to ask.

“Remember how you just became Thane of Markarth?” She asked, and then continued on, “I’m the Thane of Solitude.”

“You’re the what now?” He stopped in his tracks- “Wait- where in Oblivion did this happen?”

“Years ago,” She shrugged, “Mostly my dad’s influence, really. It’s mostly an honorary title, so you can become Thane of as many holds that don’t have the position filled.”

“Markarth and Whiterun,” Ayano muttered to himself.

“But still, if someone of your Hold asks you for a job, you’re pretty much required to do it. The only reason I was hanging around down in Helgen was cause I was taking the long way back from taking the High King’s old horn to a Shrine near Whiterun as an offering from his wife.” Mierfa explained, “A bit of a string of unfortunate events, really.”

As she said this, they passed through the main gates just as the headsman’s ax fell on the poor unfortunate soul’s neck.

“Woah!” Mierfa did a double take. “I was not expecting that!”

Ayano simply rubbed at the back of his own neck in sympathy. “Yeah…me either…”

“JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED!!” An Imperial guard shouted to the air. “Justice for allowing the High King’s murderer to escape has been Delivered!”

Some of the citizens in the crowd cheered- most stared on in silence- and only a few booed.

“Some justice…” Ayano muttered. “Beheading someone is just plain murder.”

“Yeah,” Mierfa nodded agreement, “it is.”

> C7(a)

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