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ADVENT WARS: 2nd half


Day 13: Feeling the Burn

DAY 14: Flying away on a wing and a prayer…

Day 15: No time for fancy openings

Day 16: The A-Team.

Day 17: Double the Goggles to hide those frozen tears.


Day 19: A Girl and her Dog.

DAY 20: FIVE…Probe Droids building Snowmen.

DAY 21: FOUR… shots a firing!

DAY 22: THREE… Chrome’d Antler Domes.

DAY 23: TWO… Ties in the Making.

DAY 24: ONE…. Doctor, in the TARDIS.

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Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Although I first posted it a couple of weeks ago, here is this year’s HALLOWEEN EPISODE of Dovah’s Mind! And as an added bonus, here is an OOC version of the episodeI made just for kicks, and uploaded specifically for today! I’d hoped I’d have a decently spooky episode ready for Halloween, but as it turned out, the episodes that I made for this week didn’t line up with that theme rather well. *Shrugs* They’re more kind of… wintery than Halloweeny.

And speaking of Winter-themed, I’m also announcing ADVENT WARS! The LEGO Advent Wars is something I first saw done on an old webcomic site called Reasonably Clever, and the premise I’ll be doing is roughly the same, dueling the Two Advent Calendars against each other to see which one comes out on top, except done in the Video Format rather than Picture and Text format! Even if I only do this the once, it’s still something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

I hope everyone has a great night!
Stay Fresh!

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