OOC – project milestones this week

14 Feb


Book 1’s LAST TWO CHAPTERS are going up tomorrow! If you haven’t already been reading, you can read all of Book 1 that is presently uploaded starting [HERE!]

Book 2 will be starting uploads sometime NEXT WEEK! I haven’t quite figured out the scheduling of it just yet.


If you’ve been keeping a close eye on things, you’ll notice that the Vid.Me reuploads of Dovah’s Mind are nearing the END OF DISK 1. Specifically, three more episodes are scheduled to be uploaded. One tomorrow, and the last two on Thursday. If you’re not following, you can start watching the reuploads of Dovah’s Mind on my Vid.Me channel, [Phantom Hopper Productions].

Reuploads of Disk 2 of Dovah’s Mind will be starting sometime next week as well. Once I’ve caught up to the start of disk 3, we should be re-entering the territory of new episodes once more!

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