Fooled Around in Minotaur country

12 Oct

No less than three times over the last hour had she passed by this spot to see the same strange sight in the exact same place.

Either there was some kinky role playing going on, or there was an Argonian Slaver trying to hustle a naked, blindfolded and hands bound Bosmeri girl through the planes leading from Anvil past the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Crouched, hidden in the rocks above, sat a Breton woman by the name of Argo. Known to many as the Rat, and to a few select others as Silencer, the Nightblade assassin observed the scene.

The Argonian stood close to the Bosmeri girl- too close, by Argo’s standards- and seemed comfortable with the white Senche tiger that was lying down on the ground nearby- A pet? The Girl fidgeted in her bindings, and glanced around to no avail due to her blindfold. Though Argo was too far away to hear any conversation, it didn’t look like they were talking anyways.

Deciding that, if this really was something dangerous, there was too great of a danger of the Argonian killing the girl if Argo were to attack directly. If she were to interrupt this and it was something truly illicit, then the girl might have a chance to escape… if it were just the extremely kinky role play, then, well, they would regroup afterwards and they would probably get a good laugh out of the situation.

And so… Argo looked around, and spotted her opportunity almost too easily.

Minotaurs roamed all over the Gold Coast, and the ones wielding swords tended to charge into battle like, well… like bulls. Unlimbering her staff from her back, Argo glanced down at the Argonian, who seemed unaware of the Minotaur stalking around behind him.

A moment’s consideration, and Argo threw a lightning bolt at the Minotaur.

Her aim had been a bit off, angle wise, she noted as the Minotaur came rushing towards, and then  past the Argonian and the Bosmeri girl.

“What in the-?” The Argonian hissed and drew his bow and some arrows, ready to fight.

While Argo and the Argonian fought the Minotaur, the Bomseri girl stood stock still- or so it seemed. Argo glanced aside at one point and saw her quickly working through the hand restraints. And sure enough, as soon as the Minotaur was falling, and the Argonian’s back was turned, the Bosmeri girl tore free of her restraints, removed her blind fold and ran for a nearby horse that had wandered onto the field, clearly wondering what all the commotion was about. Strangely, the senche tiger went after her without a single moment of hesitation.

The girl commandeered the Horse, and took off, and by the time the Argonian realized what was happening, gave a frustrated yell, and took off after her on foot towards a set of Ayleid ruins.

Argo stood there for a moment, wondering if she should continue to interfere, or just let it be…. But as things stood, Argo suspected the probable percentage of it all being a rather kinky role play scenario was rising steadily, given how easily the girl had gotten out of the bonds….

Either way, maybe it would teach someone a lesson about conducting their private business in a field of Minotaurs.

A.N.: I saw the aforementioned scene of Argonian with naked Bosmeri girl (Both Players) hanging out in the field between the Gold Coast Wayshrine and the DB Sanctuary…

I decided to drop a Minotaur on them, just to see what happened.

The above is an accurate retelling- save the fact that I did follow them and saw that they just went right back to it inside the Aylied ruin where no Minotaurs could reach them. 😛

So yeah… pretty sure it was just a kinky roleplay thing. Hah. Still, they shouldn’t have been doing that out in a field where Minotaurs spawned. WTF are you even thinking to do something like that there?? It’s like they were just begging someone to drop a Minotaur on them! 0_o;

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