ZippCast Playlist Updates + Disk3 upd8s

12 Mar

Ah, so. Here’s the deal.

I think either my web-browser can’t or ZippCast isn’t designed to display more than 24/25 videos in a playlist at any given time. Coincidentally, this makes it a bit easier for me to break the episodes up into more manageable chunks, especially since the next few bits of future uploads are going to have their long streaks of uninterrupted breaks. I mean, it’ll PLAY them fine in greater numbers, but due to the way ZippCast adds videos to the playlist, it’ll be out of order which means my not being able to adjust the order of them is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!


You can check out the playlists here. I’m basically going through the Homestuck “Act” structure now in terms of breaking it up- well, beyond the “Disk” subdivisions. So yeah, “Disk 1, Act 1” then “Disk 1, Act 2” ect. up to “End of Disk 1” where we then go to “Disk 2, Act 1” and repeat the cycle. Due to my anachronic order of uploading episodes this is going to get rather *messy* in the long run.

Messy. Yeah. Heh. Speaking of messy- do you wanna know what was really messy with my last filming session? Freaking Aetherium Forge Elevator. That’s what was bugged up to hell and back. By the Nine, so much wasted time just trying to get the damned thing to WORK. In the end, I barely got a coherent sequence of episodes. It’s… well, it’s a good thing I’m running a story arch of “Time is SRSLY MESSED UP” otherwise this would be a complete disaster. I mean, it IS a disaster, but it’s considerably LESS of a disaster than it COULD be and- Ah. Who cares? You get to see me wielding a fancy mod-induced sword that makes explosions because I’m substituting a mod weapon in for any of the Aetherium Weapons. (OH, yeah. I couldn’t even CRAFT anything from the forge; everything was just THAT borked up into uselessness.)

In other news, I’m planning a music montage episode for #400! 😀 That’ll be fun! Right? Right?

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