29 Feb



[ZIPPCAST DIRECT LINK!] (Still working on figuring out the Embed Thing. WordPress doesn’t like their HTLM Embed code for some weird reason. :/ )

In Today’s Episode, Caliborn gets lost in time and space.


Music (C) Valve

>Cal: Insert Disk 3!

The disk appears to be scratched up just a bit.

Damned Limited Edition Crystal Jewel CD Cases, always breaking when you least expect them to. Don’t the makers of these things realize that you’ve taken four years just to get to disk 3? What, did they expect you to speed run it or something?

Oh well, it’s not like there’s going to be any damage to the data on the disk. All the damage appears to be confined to the printed image on the top layer. You will admit that the flickering light emanating from within is a tad ominous, however. You idly begin to wonder how they made a CD glow from the inside. You hope they didn’t make it out of Uranium or something.

You plop the SCRATCHED DISK into the CD tray and hope for the best.


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