Dovah’s Mind Kaiiiiiiii (ZippCastUPD8)

24 Feb

You know how Dragonball did that thing where they rereleased and ‘remastered’ the series and cut out all the filler leaving only “All the Action! All of it!!!!!!!!” ? I’ve  decided to (joking) name the best-of playlists for Disks One and Two with that same “Kai” Moniker. I say Jokingly because… well… I ain’t remastering shit, just reuploading.

Today I’ve managed to get The Krately House short film, its blooper reel, and Episode 1 all uploaded (Though Ep1 is still in the process of converting at the moment). Check it all out on ZIPPCAST!

Most of today’s efforts beyond that ended up actually FINDING the damned episodes. They ended up scattered across SOOO many flashdrives it’s insane. I have like, 10 of these things with videos on them- not ALL of them Dovah’s Mind, and about 80% of them all filled up to the point of redlining.

I was going to do voice work on Ep 390, but we had surprise visitors today, so that may end up falling to tomorrow. Here’s hoping!

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