DOVAH’S MIND 389 [+ Leaving YT READ ME!]

19 Feb



In Today’s Episode, (ALTLINK) Caliborn comes face to face with the end of the world.
I Don’t Know what I Should Do Now with every Strength I Can Take to Break Enemies.


Music is from:
Myst III Exile [(C) Jack Wall]
PACIFIC RIM [Main Theme (C) Ramin Djawadi]

WHOO! That’s it! The Last Episode to be uploaded to YouTube and the END OF DISK 2! I don’t know if YouTube is going to particularly LIKE this episode or not, buuuuut…. it’ll do for a few days until I get ZippCast finished on the catch up. RIGHT! If you’re just coming from YouTube you’ll probably be wondering about that: WE’VE MOVED FROM YOUTUBE TO ZIPPCAST! The new channel can be found HERE!

I’m going to be using the pause in the next week to hopefully finish off the most recent upload backlog, and start work on older episodes. I’m going to be taking it slow with new episodes for a while. I don’t want to burn myself out pushing it. ^u^

[Post Disk 2 Notes]

This episode was one I’ve been planning for a long while. The Eye of Magnus causing teleportation havok is going to be an important plot point going forwards. It’s my little way of taking an otherwise BLAH quest and making something more important out of it.
Finding the right music was the hardest part of this episode, though. Even after settling on this version, I had to struggle to find backup tracks for an alternate episode incase YT didn’t like the music I used.

Going into Disk 3, there’s going to be a lot of cut filler (Mainly, WALKING) that’s been bloating the episode count up so far. I’m hoping Disk 3 will be shorter than it’s predecessors. This is it, we’re finally in the HOME STRETCH.

We’ll be hitting some things that I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG while now, and we’ll be using a Dragonbreak to do it! :33 I hope this next arc will be one everyone can enjoy!

_Calum Traveler

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