#WTFU + Zipp Cast Upload Progress Update

17 Feb

A friend linked me to this video about YouTube’s bullshit copyright strike system.

I figured #Where’sTheFairUse was something everyone needed to see, so I’m headlining it on this post, which instead is going to mainly be about ZippCast~!

I’m still uploading episodes from the last few weeks. It’s slow going to get the recent episodes up since the site’s conversion queue system means it handles one video at a time. I think OldYouTube worked like that too? Or maybe it still does. (Which would explain why some of my videos end up live within seconds of it clearing the actual upload and why some of them take hours.) ANYWAYS, I basically have to wait for each video to finish uploading before I can upload another one. If I’m lucky, I’ll get about 2 old episodes up on any given day at that rate of progress.

Not a problem normally, since I was posting only one episode a day only, typically.  But since I’m going to be porting old episodes over… >_> It’s going to affect my schedule going forwards. Also, the fact that I’ve been feeling kinda sick the last few weeks too. I literally have not recorded any audio for the future episodes because of that.

My plan for now is… Upload at least ONE new episode a week. I think I can get about that done while uploading a backlog of episodes. Once I get a decent backlog on ZippCast finished, we’ll see about rampping back up to 5 episodes a week….

I’ve also heard rumor that TWITCH is going to be allowing non-streaming user uploaded videos in the future. IF that pans out to be true, I’ll fulfill that “Two Channels” promise I made a while back and repeat this whole shebang again over there… which might make for another delay and… well, anyways. Let’s just say that the last few months have pushed me into a slowdown of video production.

I… probably really need to slow down anyways. The last few months pushing for a burn of End of Disk 2 has been… kind of a literal burn? I don’t think I needed to stress myself as badly as I’ve been. If anything, I’ve been neglecting some other things in favor of pushing out videos.

FYI: When people tell you that YouTube isn’t a fulltime job? Tell them to give it a try for a few months and see if they change their tune. Even if you’re not making money off of it like I am, this all ties back to what I opened this post with, I guess.

Which is, to Too Long, Don’t Read it:

Making videos is a JOB. Don’t fuck with people’s livelyhoods, Youtube. #WTFU?


Yeah, that’s a good place to stop this, I think

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