12 Feb


In Today’s Episode, (ALTERNATE LINK) Caliborn returns to Winterhokd wpth th3 St4ff 0f M4GNUzzzz[ERROR 612: TELEPORT ERROR].




Music from Splatoon (C) Nintendo and Portal (C) Valve


And here it is. The beginning of the END OF DISK 2.

I’ve had this idea in mind for Quuuiiiite a While. Since all the way back even before I first wrote that snip where the Mace of Molag Bal was corrupted :33

And now, it all pays off for this final arc. At least, I hope it pays off.

I’m pretty sure this is a unique situation that I’ve carved up for this series. Modded Translucent Timey Wimey Mace? Check. Eye of Magnus causing Teleports through Time? Check. Gaining a word wall I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise? Aaand CHECK.

Yup, that’s a word wall for a Companions Quest. Didn’t do the dungeon what so ever. Just sorta… popped up there. 😉

I *was* going to hit a few other Companion Quest Word Walls, buuut unfortunately my attempts at breaking into those dungeons caused my game to crash! XD Oh well, maybe I’ll get to those later. ^^;

Yes, that was the Butcher of Windhelm in there- after all, the game did bork up that quest and I finished it incorrectly. >_<; Sooo… here was a little attempt at setting things straight. UNFORTUNATELY I couldn’t get him to stop being Essential. The code just wouldn’t take. Prooobably the same problems with TCL that I keep running into but who knows. *GLUBSHRUG*

Anyways, with the End of Disk 2, we are now entering what I’ve tentatively been calling the DRAGONBREAK arc. I’ll just let the name’s implications sit with you as we go into next week’s episodes.

If you’ve got any comments on today’s episode, let me know. 🙂

Thanks for watching!
_Calum Traveler


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