FEB.2016 update

01 Jan

Finished Filming what’s left to film for the End of Disk 2. I can safely say that our schedule looks something like this, for February:

2/1-5: 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, (VOICE/render) (100% Crown Of Barenzia)
2/8-12: 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, (VOICE/render EDIT) (Winterhold, Labryinthian, Anncano Fight start)
2/15-19: 385, 386, 377, 388, 389 (EDIT) (SPOILERS! ;33)
[END OF DISK 2: No episodes for week of 2/22-26] 
[DISK 3 begins 2/29] 

As you can tell by the handy dandy VOICE/RENDER/EDIT tags, this is the progress on what’s been filmed (All of it), plus their status in production. I’ve literally not voiced a line for any of these episodes. I’m half-way through editing week 2 of February, and most of the filming done today is for Week 3.

I’d tell you why it may appear that the Fight with Anncano seems to drag on for a whole week… but… well.. Spoilers! :33 Hopefully you all will like what I’ve got planned.

The reason I’m giving a break on the week of the 22nd to 26th is to give myself a bit of wriggle room in preparing Act 3’s start, if for some reason life gets in the way of my starting work on those episodes and I haven’t gotten anything done on them.

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