23 Oct


In Today’s Episode, Caliborn encounters some timey-wimey-ness in Riverwood.
Files, Files, and More Files. Also some Main Questyness.!!!Production Notes:

Sometimes, you just have to roll with the NPCs and watch as someone else does all the fighting for a change. Thankfully, after the earlier Helgen Reborn episodes in this week, this episode was a bit of a breather and didn’t have me doing any real strenuous fighting, thus sparing my voice a bit.

We’re introduced to Recorder in this episode, who I’m planning on using at…. some point? Most likely, I’ll pick her up next time I end up in Riverwood. Which will likely be after the Thalmor embasy party…. No idea when I’ll get to that, though, but it’ll probably be either January or February… somewhere in then, and if not, afterwards? I’ve still got to film four more episodes for November to wrap that up… but if it works out, I’ll have January and February made by december?

Speaking of December! I’ll be posting the Advent Wars teaser either this weekend or next weekend. If not this weekend, I’ll probably upload it alongside the OOC version of Episode 322 on Halloween!


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