OOC: Taking it slow, but steady.

17 Oct

Just did another filming session today. Got a decent amount of progress done! The miscelaneous extraneous threads are all coming together now! I’ll still need to do at least one more session to wrap up November’s footage quota, but I’ll be trying to wrap that up on a decent point. I’m pretty sure I won’t be hitting the conclusion of the College quest line in the next four episodes, though.

What gets done? Quite a lot in a very random order! But I can let you know that Alduin makes a cameo! :33

The hard part now is going to be editing it all together, and doing the voice work for everything. I’m going to try to do a few episodes at a time in slow bursts, rather than do a whole lot of everything in a large burst. Hopefully my voice should be able to manage that. If I time things right, though, I might be able to get January and February’s episodes done well ahead of schedule!

So yeah. Disk 2’s end is nigh upon us! Will there be a Disk 3?? Well, we’ll see how things go.


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