14 Oct


In today’s episode: Caliborn fights MAGIC SPIDERS in Harmugstahl.

This Is Halloween.

A.N.: Hey everyone! A smidge of a Halloween episode for you all! …Half a Month early XD

Ah but who cares about that?? This weekend’s Power Rangers episode is their Halloween episode!! So I say this works out FINE! 😀

Now then- I’ve almost got October’s episodes all ready to go. Just got a few more to render out! 🙂 I’ve also got *roughly* one week of November filmed as well. I’ll need to do another filming session soon! 😀 What can you expect in the coming weeks?

Some more Helgen Reborn! A little Main Questing-ness! The College of Winterhold! And a Liiiittle bit of Dawnstar questing!

I apologize in advance for any rough voice work in the coming weeks. My voice has gone rather rough in recent days, no idea why. Either it’s just the time of year or I blew it out doing some of the yelling in one of the earlier episodes. If the latter, proooobably my fault for it. XD

If not, well… I suppose the universe just hates me.

Oh, and if you hadn’t yet, click the “This is Halloween” Up above to see the special edition title card I did for this episode! :33


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