14 Sep


IN TODAY’S EPISODE… Caliborn gets his fortune read.
NOTE: For this week there will only be 3 episodes. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This is mainly due to my wanting to extend the footage buffer a bit due to the cold I had over the weekend. It’s mostly let up today and I feel fine for the most part, but I need to review the footage I tried recording on Saturday while sick, and see if I need to refilm it or not. If I do need to refilm, I’m hesitant to commit to a schedule until I’m 100% sure I’m feeling better. I probably should have just waited to do any filming until I was better, but by then who knows how much footage I’d have in reserve? At least this way I’ve got… something to use? *SHRUGS*

.Oh, also, I totally marathoned a few hours worth of Steven Universe episodes last night.Wheeeeee!!!!!.

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