09 Sep


In today’s episode, Caliborn confronts the Ghost of Volunruud!
Music is from the soundtracks of the Mata Nui Online Game, Myst Online Uru Live, and Homestuck.

Well, folks! You can consider this a “Season Whatever” Finale. (I’ve seriously just stopped counting seasons over the numerous episodes.) 300 and beyond are going to be a bit more breatherish for a little bit, being mainly shorter episodes sandwiched between some longer episodes.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, Episodes 309 and 310 are sandwiching the very plot important short Story, the Keen Mace. Around that time as well, we’ll be at 16/24 stones for the Barenzia quest! Only eight more to go! I’ll also be getting back to the main quest line sometime soon too.

When I started Dovah’s Mind, I had no idea I’d even get this far. I’ve been pretty much constantly pumping these out for the better part of 3 years now. About 100 episodes a year, or so. Hah… And yet Still more to come! We’re nearing what I hope to be final endgame for Dovah’s Mind, but I can’t say for certain how long it’ll actually take me to walk everywhere I need to go. Hahaha TuT

Dovah’s Mind has been something of an experiment for me. A bit of a creative jaunt through story telling and voice acting, and seeing what I can get away with in editing. I’m considering making a “Best Of” Playlist, showing the highlights so far, now that we’ve hit 300 episodes. Because, let’s be honest here, 300 is a bit of a long archive to troll through when starting with something fresh. Also, it’ll be nice to do a sort of “Here’s how Far We’ve Come” sort of playlist as well. Dunno what I’m going to call this playlist, but hey, there’s two awesome names right there already. HAHA. XD

Well, this has rambled on for quite a bit already, so I’m just going to end this here.

Thanks for watching 300 Episodes, everyone! Let’s hope we don’t have to hit 600! XD


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