26 Aug

I’ve updated the look and appearance of A-Xros Space and Time a bit. Might mess with it a bit more, but I’m generally happy with it at the moment.

In a Mystryal update, I’ve been slowly chopping away at the rough draft of Book 3. By my estimate, I’ve maybe gotten 1/4th of the way through? The Pocket Guide has hit a bit of a road block at the moment, but I’m working on some other things too, still Mystryal related. Once I’ve gotten these sorted through, I’m going to begin looking for a serious Beta reader or two to go through and proof read everything, as far as plot consistency goes. Spell Checks will be applied at some point along the line.

Artist? My plan is to release the first 3 main books to begin with without art, and then once I’ve made some money on that, to hire someone to do the artwork and then release an “Omnibus” version of the first three books with added artwork. Books after that would likely have artwork included to begin with. Unless I get an artist in there at some other point. *shrugs* we’ll seeeee what happenzzzzzz

In Elder-Scrollsy news: Dovah’s Mind is reaching 300 Episodes soon! I’ll release a preview trailer either this weekend or next weekend, but before the big 300 for sure! 😀

I’ve made a page for Vestige of Void. I just hope I’m doing Louise’ character right so far. I might go in and do some rewriting before I begin posting to AO3… (also, that will probably involve more chapters being written before I go and do that anyways, so there’s some time in that respect, at least.)


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