09 Jul


In Today’s episode, Caliborn enters Vahlok’s Tomb.


I have 4 weeks + 4 days of episode footage in buffer after a filming session last night. Since stuff is happening in August that’ll likely leave me with little continuous internet access, My CONFIRMED schedule is this:

  • 7/13-17: Episodes 267-271
  • 7/20-24: Episodes 272-276
  • 7/27-31: Episodes 277-281**

I will then be taking a two week break in August of uploading, mainly to deal with a potential influx of additional (Non Dovah’s Mind) video footage that I’ll have to deal with afterwards. One of my initially roughly planned schedules is thus:

  • 8/17-21: Episodes 283, 284, 285, 296, 287
  • 8/24-28: Episodes 288, 289, 290, 291, 292*

(*Note: Episode 292 has no footage filmed at the moment of writing this post.) Depending on the amount of that extra filmed footage, I’ll likely spread this two week buffer of five episodes a week instead to 3 weeks of 3 episodes, which may look like this:

  • WEEK 1:
  • 8/17-282**
  • 8/19-283**
  • 8/21-284**

And so on and so forth. This would give me a buffer, instead, of 3 weeks. This also would sidestep the lack of an Episode292 at this precise moment.

Anyways, this is just tenative stuff except for the confirmed stuff. For sure, I’ll definitely have an episode up Monday 8/17 regardless of which upload schedule i go for.

That said, we are definitely making progress towards endgame, here. The next few weeks, despite being sorta-filler-ish, achieve the one endgame goal i have of completing the Stones of Barenziah quest. I think I’ve gotten about 6 of them in this footage batch alone! 🙂

I’ll also be doing another Road to Come Trailer soon, so you’ll have some idea of what to look forwards to! 😀

Anyways, that’s enough rambling on my part!


(**EDIT: WHOOPS. I threw in 6 episodes on the first count. 0_0; That threw me off a bit.)

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