The End and the Beginning.

22 May


My Apologies for not writing in this journal for some time. We here at the Brotherhood Sanctuary have been busy writing down the visions of the distant past and the effects they’ve had on the future.

After we arrived at the Throat of the World, even we could see what this girl saw- for the rift in time opened wide and we saw changes.
History changing and repeating and becoming the same, and yet different. The Chains of Coldharbour dropped by Molag Bal and his servants and everything else in between. We saw tales of those whose souls were stolen- and a story of those who fought to regain their precious souls from that thief.

The visions come freely now, even when we are not at the throat of the world. Parthy himself shudders at the implications. Brother, however, has seen things different than those of the past. He saw a life where he went to claim the swords father sought so long ago… and he became Dragonborn instead. His alternate self’s adventures went so differently from mine, or so he claims. Parthy fears that something cataclysmic may happen soon- there is potential for another Dragonbreak.

As of last week, an Elder Scroll cried out through a new rift in time- small, weak, and barely there… At the portal to Sovrengard. Skuldafn’s ruined temples. Odahving and I went to investigate, and it was there we had yet another vision… this time of a divergence in history. But not just a vision, a visitor as well.

In the past, where a young Breton girl- a werewolf- fought another- a Khajiit- for possession of the very Elder Scroll that had landed in our custody, another, older Breton woman tackled and intervened where she failed to in the other world we witnessed in vision… In exchange, she was banished into the far flung future, our far flung future, creating the very present we now inhabited.

In that other world that we saw in vision, however, the younger girl was lost to time and space instead. Where she ended up, we have some small clue, thanks to this Elder Scroll. A world, similar to ours, that diverged drastically thanks to the girl’s absence. Beyond that, we’ve yet to learn anything.

We’ve asked our curious Bosmeri seer, and she revealed to us that she was descended from two Bosmer who were close friends with the girl who did not disappear in our version of events. The family name she said sounded vaguely, curiously, familiar to both my and my brother’s own, but different. The Breton woman, who wished to remain unnamed in this journal, regarded the name fondly, however, and regretted not being there for her long lost friends.

Family doesn’t change, regardless of race or time.

I write this journal entry now, some three odd years after first arriving in Skyrim. This, oddly, seems an auspicious time to end this particular volume. It has gotten quite full, but the stories we’re now learning of the past remain to be written so that we can truly understand their effects on the future.

We now have four Elder Scrolls to use to power our research into this event. If Parthy is right, and there is to be a Dragonbreak, it is most likely centered on the events of the other world that the younger Breton girl was lost to. The fact that my brother now sees visions of his other self lends credit to the theory that we may meet in a drastic upheaval of multiple timelines. We… I… Whatever may happen, I am sure that it will be recorded down in some manner for historians to dissect and pull apart to figure out what in Oblivion happened.

I will do my best to play historian, should it come down to that. Until then, keep your eyes on the sky, Travelers.


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