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Happy 4/13/15, everyone! Opening song is main theme for the Elder Scrolls Online, and the Homestuck Music used in this episode can be found at

Auspiciously, the start of this arc of Dovah’s mind coincides with the start of Caliborn’s Masterpiece over in Homestuck. Did not intend for that to happen but, haha, happy coincidences.

The use of all of the homestuck music in this arc is mainly just me messing around and seeing what I can do to make the story feel a bit more cinematic. Because, let’s face it, this mini arc is a movie in length and it deserves a bit of a grander feel to it. Am I being a bit Caliborn (Homestuck ver) like in ripping music from the comic to use in a video about Caliborn (Skyrim ver)? Probably. That’s the fun of this video stuff though. I ain’t going to make money off of it, and in all honesty never will do that with Dovah’s Mind. But it gives practice if I ever become a professional editor (Which is really a fallback if this writing thing falls through :P) or even if I do other projects outside of Dovah’s Mind.

Also, the Homestuck track usage is because I’m fairly certain that YT won’t complain by my using it like this, where-as if I used some other music tracks that I’d like to use, well… I’m pretty sure I’d get caught up with that nonsense. I even made two versions of ep224! (One Super Sentai track vs. one homestuck track, which is more of a just in case backup.)

As for what this means after this arc? *SHRUG* It all depends on what I can get away with editing wise.

EDIT: Oh Gosh. May the 4th, 2017. And I’m coming back to edit in a Vid.Me link years later…  So many things have changed since I got to this point in Dovah’s Mind originally. Two years, and an extra few weeks to spare…  Here’s hoping we get back into the swing of it again soon!

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