OOC Film session notes

14 Mar

Just did a filming session today. Got footage up to ep215…. Potentially.

There was a LOT of troubles I had with filming today. Mainly I got lost trying to get to Riften. Wound up in the Windcaller pass, and even got Shor’s Stone discovered. Also had a few crashes… >_>

Not only crashes, but camera lag as well when I FINALLY got back to Solsthime.

Lag as in 3-7 frames per second. T_T

I took it as a sign to stop there. IDK what’s going on. It plays fine when I’m not filming, but as soon as I started recording PLUUFFF… Instant Slowdown. Unlike the LAST time I had lag like this, my hard-drive space isn’t anywhere near filled up. If it keeps up like this I might have to have my boat crash mid-transit to keep me in skyrim…. or do other stuff while I try to sort the solsthime lag issue out. I’ve got some things to try, but as it stands currently… >_> If it’s a LEVEL issue… or a hardware issue… I dunno. I’ll have to look into things like cleaning my laptop fans.

But since my speakers have broken, I’m entertaining the possibility of moving my save games to a different computer Possibly even buying a new one to get past this.

We’ll see what happens.

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