OOC Retrospect

11 Mar

Friday’s episode is Episode 200! Whoo! It’s been a LONG time getting to this number. I first started uploading episodes back in december of 2012. It’s now march 2015, and we’ll hit episode 200 soon! What have we covered from Vanilla Skyrim? As of the start of [DISK 2], We’ve followed the Main Quest to the point of Delphine planning the break in of the Thalmor Embassy. Thieves’ Guild has been completed, for the most part, with Mercer Frey dead under a pile of rocks in a flooded room. Dark Brotherhood…we’ve just killed the Emperor of Tamirel. :33 As for the Dragonborn DLC….we kinda got started but then Meridia sent us back to Skyrim to gain some much needed levels and skills. Dawnguard has been avoided with a five mile yard stick.

Speaking of levels, Caliborn is at Level 28 as of episode 208! What funny numbering coincidences. (208 will be sometime in the next two weeks. The Wednesday after next, I believe.) I’ll need to do another filming session this weekend, but I’m taking the opportunity of a New Disk to do some much needed save cleaning and mod updates. My TARDIS mod has gotten heavily glitched out. I need to do a clean save and update it to current. The Sonic hasn’t worked in ages, The TARDIS itself (as you’ve no doubt seen in today’s episode) has started to become very annoyed with me, and since I’ll be doing more Dragonborn stuff soon, I won’t actually probably be using it for a while, so this gives me a good chance to take a fresh of ashen air away from the chaos that some of this glitching has caused.

I’ve also finally found a simple mod for updating the children textures that DOESN’T require me to start a new game in order to use. I’ll be trying to spread out my inventory load a bit better too. As of 208, I’ll have finally “Discovered” a place besides the TARDIS to store all of my junk (Besides my sorely underused haven bag) that looks *Pretty Epic*! Also, yeah, gives me an excuse to unload everything OUT of the TARDIS’s interior containers so that I don’t lose anything when I do that clean save.

Off-screen I’ve started Potion selling, but that’s slow going due to a lot of vendors not having the coin to buy my massive collection of potions… well, once I get through Dragonborn to the point I get the Daedra Merchant, that should get a lot easier… :33

In Non Dovah’s Mind News, I’m working on a book! So yeah, there’s that.

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