[ooc sorta reblog] Riften Guards

01 Jan

Shephard’s Mind’s creator, Krim, observed some of Riften’s finest during training.

Go and watch it here. :33

This is just too hilarious to not share with you guys. This…this is why I have the Idiot Guards tag. Happy New Year, guys. ^u^

(No, Krim’s not doing a Skyrim series, but I wouldn’t mind it even if he decided to. (pay no attention to the unintentional pun behind the curtain) Skyrim is one of those games where even though it’s the same game, depending on what you do and what you have installed, everything is going to be unique. ^u^ I mean, even if you compare Caliborn’s adventure so far to Calliope’s Journal…. it really is different despite the same origin story!)

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