21 Dec


Christmas Week Uploads continue!

On today’s episode, Caliborn walks towards the Dwemmmmmmmmmmmmmmer ruin containing the Eyes of the Falmer, but quickly gets wrapped up in something out of control. Find out how he fares!

On the Technical side of things, I totally goofed on this episode. -_-; Accidentally deleted not only the final rendered episode, but also the Raw Audio track AND the editor program’s master project file (the thing telling the editor how to compile all the different parts into a single whole final video that I upload here), leaving me with only the raw video file that I’d recorded. Sooo, I had to not only re-do the edits (title cards, shortened long gaps of the same frame, ect.) but the audio track too! I guess it came out better, but still, that’s what the (Idiot) and (X2 COMBO) notes are for. Just past me forever haunting myself over such a dumb and stupid mistake.

I liked how the first version came out, and then POOF. gone. leSigh. Oh well.

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