Caged Emotion

11 Sep

The two of them sat on the rooftop of the Mournhold wayshrine, overlooking the city in a somber silence.

“I think I get it now,” Argo said suddenly.

“Hm?” Calum looked over at her.

“As people, we just can’t let go of something that’s bugging us…when we were born into this world, we cried out when something went wrong. But then we learned at some point or another that people don’t care, and so we bottle it up inside and keep it to ourselves,” Argo began, looking down at her feet as she spoke. “We put on a mask of smiles, pretending that everything’s alright. We try to be strong because that’s what the world expects of us. As a people, we try to bury our problems. Just look at the Pact, as an example.” She motioned out over the city. “How many of the Dunmer here have we met that expect the Argonians to go back to being slaves after the war is over and the alliance ends? Too many to count.”

“Change is something people refuse to accept sometimes,” The Bosmer replied. “The Heritance hated Ayrenn’s idea of an alliance. The Dunmer here don’t like that their former slaves are now their equals. I don’t even want to get started on the Covenant… who knows what’s wrong with them…” he sighed.

“This Vox lady…” the Breton girl continued on, “she refused to listen to her son, and then when he was killed, she followed the exact same path he took…And they’re both in the same place now…But…I think she kept her emotions bottled up inside.” She took a deep breath. “She didn’t have anyone who would listen to her feelings, or so she felt. She could have said something, anything, to anyone…but she chose to turn to the same Daedra that drove her son to theft and then it ended up eventually ending her life as well…but not before she caused the deaths of so many others… she lashed out because that grief got to be too much for her…. But we all keep stuff bottled up inside, I think. Even if we don’t realize it.”

“The alliances aren’t likely to last beyond the war,” he said. “That much is a given.”

“It’s hard to keep everything together, to put on that brave face every morning and say that we can make a difference…” she frowned. “I wonder, how different would things be for us if none of this had happened? No war, no Soulburst, no…nothing.”

“It wouldn’t be our world, then,” Calum replied, putting an arm around her shoulder in a comforting way. “The struggles we put into keeping our world ours….that’s what makes it ours. Even if there are others trying to turn this world into theirs, there’s still a chance, an option, a way to fight…”

“But even then, we have to remember to vent,” Argo spoke after a moment. “We can’t keep our emotions caged inside. Otherwise things will get bad. Really bad. If we keep everything bottled up inside…. It’s….” She turned to look at him and smiled. “We’ve got to vent or else we’ll explode. Right?”

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Posted by on September 11, 2014 in Argo The Rat, Calum The Traveler, ESO


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