Past, Present, Future

19 Aug

The state of affairs was horrid, I’ll say that much.

Convincing the alliances to agree to this stunt? That had been easy. It was the part that came after that was hard.

Argo, Silica, and I had entered Coldharbour- separated much like everyone else was when we leaped through that portal- and found ourselves fighting to gather together again. Three different corners of Coldharbour, three different people. Except, maybe not so different? We each met a crazy “Knight” called Cadwell, and he directed us to a city. The Hollow City.

We reunited there, and gathered our forces together. Such a rag-tag group of people, that. But there were still others missing, others that we went out in search of. Well…for a certain three Mages from the Mages guild, we found them…but not first. A Daedra named “The Overseer” or “Observer” or something nonsensical like that. He pitted us against each other- resigned us to serve under three specific people who had “Failed” Molag Bal in the past. One of them was the “Veiled Queen” herself. Argo had the lucky pleasure of working with her. Silica? The Worm Cultist. Me? I got the “Tentacle man” as the Breton mage, who had gotten stuck with him as well, called him.

In the end, we couldn’t simply walk away from these mages- all three of us had made a deal with the Daedra that ran this place that we would get everyone out alive.

He didn’t like that.

And so here we are. A Wolf, A Snake, and a Tiger, standing at ends to each other, blades drawn in preparation to strike the other down.

“He doesn’t know we’ll just resurrect, right?” Silica asked.

“Nope,” Argo shook her head. “Nearest Wayshrine should get us out of here, and right underneath his nose.”

“Well then, shall we?” I asked.

And with that- the three of us drove our weapons into the heart of the person to our immediate right.


Something happened. I don’t know what. But the next thing I knew, I was looking out through a Bosmer’s eyes, watching as events moved in fast forwards, slowing down momentarily for critical moments, before speeding on ahead again.

I realized in a flash of a reflection- these were Calum’s memories.

Brackenleaf- the old tree… and then… darkness. The moment of his soul being taken… And then I saw myself- standing in a small pond somewhere on Khenarthi’s roost as I washed off some Alit blood from my armor. I remember that… That was just before we met. It was just a passing glance, and a stray thought of, “Breton? Must be a stranded sailor from the hurricane.” Then fast forwarding again- we fought together against the Maomer….

I was looking down at myself as she begged to accompany someone. Those eyes I was looking through now… They had to be the Traveler’s…

The world ran past- a blur of motion and memories and… a werewolf? An Altmer, Sorondil, transformed before my….no, the Rat’s eyes.

Twin tails of a single story- interweaving, dodging, tangling.

Why was it changing so quickly?

I saw myself from two perspectives- shared memories of that moment we displayed evidence to the Bosmer whose village was under attack by the forest.

Grahtwood- Greenshade- Malabal Tor- Reaper’s March- so many stories and tales interweaving.

And as I watched their perspective of myself… I realized that they’d grown to accept that I wasn’t too young to fight by their side. That same moment that we all stepped through that portal…

I felt a connection to them now.

Was it fate? The Scrolls? That brought us together?

Regardless- the three of us balanced each other. We could overcome anything by working together.

And then the trio emerged in a brilliant blossom of light- the Overseeing Daedra spun on his heels- “What in–?”

And then three wild animals leaped out at him- a Snake, striking out and breaking open his chest armor; a Tiger, clawing fiercely at the exposed Daedra’s chest, ripping skin and muscle and bone away; and a Wolf…no, a Werewolf, whose mighty jaw dove into the Daedra’s chest and bit down deep.

And that was all that Daedra knew before his existence was snuffed out with a burst of light- his “Game” ended abruptly with it’s players rescued.


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