Blooper Reel: TLOKH

02 Jul

#ActorMinistesCopsAFeel #News@2:50

Bloopers, Bloopers galore!

Well, not all of these *are* Bloopers, per say, some of them are intentionally shot scenes that have no barring on the actual final project (P’much almost anything filmed during the day) beyond being filmed before/after our night time filming window.

Some other ‘bloopers’ that we filmed have since been made into other videos with some kind of theme to them (Just Horsing Around, Double Back,) while other stuff was being used as quality testing stuff (the two “Ritual” quality tests) to see what worked best on You Tube.

We Unlikely Crew use Skype to voice chat while filming, and we all say some really funny things during it that add to the blooper quality of this footage Hahah! (Although my mic settings don’t seem to want to record sometimes, leaving awkward gaps in the audio where I’ve said something and someone reacts to it, but you can’t hear it. *glubshrug* Whatev’s, it just adds to the blooper quality of it all. XD)

Was there a reason for the songs/sounds I chose to use? Eh, sorta kinda? Nothing really beyond they fit the time gaps needed.

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