Of Scrolls and Time

23 Feb


I went about my travels a bit differently, than planned…and perhaps that was a good thing.

In speaking with my fellow thieves, none know how this could have happened, considering that the Skeleton key is still locked away safely. I did, however, run into Aventus on my way into the city. He said he was on his way to come look for me given that a fellow orphan in Honorhall had gone missing. Curious, I brought up the species name “Bosmer” and he reacted as I feared he would. Apparently, rumors of my exploits of gathering three Elder Scrolls had even reached Honorhall Orphanage, and when Aventus had said to the Bosmer girl, whose name she refused to give to anyone, even the guards who had brought her in off of the road, alone and walking silently in rags that had seen better days, that he knew me personally…

It was an inevitability that this girl would try to come looking for me, it seems. Reluctantly, I brought Aventus with me back to the Dawnstar Sanctuary to confirm the girl’s identity. Does it even need to be written that it was her? As if the Universe would be so forgiving for there to be a different Bosmer girl running around looking for the Scrolls.

What her ties are to the Elder Scrolls I do not know, and neither does Aventus. He claims the girl perked up from her long silence at someone mentioning the Scrolls, and begged to know more about them. I left Aventus in the Sactuary with my brother and Babette to keep an eye on the girl, as we don’t want to risk moving her back to Riften yet, while I went to speak to Parthy. Traveling to the Throat of the World was as laborious as always, but Parthy’s information was worth the trip.
Curiously, at around the same time as the girl read the scrolls, the Tear in Time had flared up widely, much to Parthy’s surprise. He observed it for a few minutes until it closed back down to normal levels. He had debated sending Ohdaving to come inform me of the events, but decided against it, figuring that whatever had caused it may bring me up that way eventually. Seems he was right, it’s only been two days since then, and I’ve mostly been out about traveling on foot and Waygate travel.

Parthy went on to say that the feeling he got from the rift was nearly identical to the time I read the first Scroll to learn Dragonrend… So whatever this Bosmer girl saw, it was an event from the past, much as I saw. ‘Closer to the present’, though, Parthy said, than what I had seen before, although by what margin he could not tell. He’s requested that when the girl wakes up that I am to bring her up to see the rift along with the Elder Scrolls. Such a request surprised me! Parthy’s not known for seeking the company of others… But, he reasons, if this Girl has something special about her like I did- a fate that allowed me and may allow her to read the Scrolls without permanent damage…

There may be something in the past that needs to be revealed to the Present.

>The End and the Beginning

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