Sneak Thief

16 Jan


I suppose I shouldn’t have listened to my Brother and left the three Elder Scrolls on display like I did. A “sign of the Brotherhood’s return to power,” even Nazir agreed.

In the end, it’s none of our faults but my own for insisting on having a secret entrance put in beyond the main door.

A young Bosmer Girl broke into the Dawnstar Sanctuary last night. She read all three Elder Scrolls at once. I don’t need to tell you, dear journal, why that’s a bad idea. Presently, she’s lying in the master bed, unconscious, muttering fearfully as her body shakes every second. She’s running a fever, too.

I don’t know how she knew about the Elder Scrolls, or the secret entrance, or even who this child is. I’m running an investigation into the towns and villages to see if anyone knows her, but so far… She’s not from Dawnstar, I can confirm that much, nor Riverwood either. Markarth is set in battle with the Forsworn and a small faction of the Thalmor at the moment, so I cannot check there presently, although I am pleased to report that one of the rather over-powered dragons those fools I last mentioned tried summoning has been razing the Thalmor something fierce.

It’s almost comical, in a way. I’m sure I’d have enjoyed the sight more if not for more pressing matters. I’ve spoken with the Moth Priest at Ft. Dawnguard, and he’s quite surprised that the girl isn’t dead. He’s insisted once more on taking the Elder Scrolls off of my hands, but I’m…hesitant. Something tells me that this Wood Elf and the Scrolls are connected somehow. Tomorrow I’ll be climbing to The Throat of The World and speaking with ol’ Parthy on this. As for now? I’ve safely stowed the Scrolls away inside the Bigger-On-The-Inside Box. There’s nowhere safer for them that I can think of right now. I’ve even gone to the trouble of summoning it inside of itself, and then escaping with the Ring of Return. I’ll be able to call it back should I need the Scrolls again.

Serana is concerned that the girl might be a sign of trouble, given the last time those three Scrolls were read at once was during our escapades trying to stop her Father from blotting out the sun. I’m equally concerned as well. It occurs to me now that this girl had so easily broken in speaks of Nocturnal’s influence, and that of the Skeleton Key. After I’ve spoken with Parthy, I’ll be taking a trip down to Riften and the Thieves Guild, then I’ll see what my fellow Nightingales have to say on the matter.

What concerns me is that the girl went and read the Scrolls here in the Sanctuary rather than taking them out. We never would have known she was here had she not done that and collapsed on the floor. What was so important that this girl risk her own life in such a way?

> Of Scrolls and Time

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