Wyrmstooth return

01 Sep


Returned to Wyrmstooth this week to check in on everything. The Mining town seems to be at full strength, and so have the bandits in response. I’ve dealt with no more than three separate groups thus far…The result of one such encounter having given me another traveling companion.

A man’s pet wolf- she seems quite at home inside my bigger-on-the-inside box, especially with the others here. My ‘steadfast’ Dwarven mechanizations and Meeko the dog…

I encountered a ghost of a skeleton inside a tomb on the island- a man whose only request was for his skeleton to be reunited… In the hunt for such skeletal remains, I discovered three word walls that have given me the Shout that the Greybeards once used to give me target practice in High Hrothgar.

Good times that, but I supposed it was only a matter of time before I found that wall. I’m surprised that one wall happened to be in a room I’d discovered on an earlier adventure on the island- but it didn’t activate then because, surprisingly, it was the second word of three, and these walls somehow had the coincidental nature of being in alignment for my second adventure on the island rather than my first.

But whatever the case may be, the island seems very much alive and healthy now. Oh, but what of the skeleton? Predictably, he ‘thanked’ and ‘rewarded’ me with the traditional “Ahahah! I shall now kill you, puny mortal!!” routine.

I expected such a betrayal and acted accordingly. One slow time plus that “Insanity” Great Sword I crafted- and he fell before he knew what even hit him. These ghosts and demons seeking resurrection really must learn not to test the blade of a Dovahkiin.

> Inferno

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