24 Jul


You are now Pina Ayano, and you have not a single clue what has happened.

One minute you were fighting a Draugr that had broken through a wall, and the next, your companion was staring off into space as a nearby wall glowed a faint purple.

“Uh,” You wave a hand in front of her face, “hello?”

“Yeah! Right! Like I’d ever join you!!” She shouted suddenly at the wall, and then the iron gate next to you lowered into the ground.

“Uh…Mierfa…” You ask, “Are you okay?”

The Drow girl paused at that, and you have to wonder what’s running through her head at the moment.

You suppose you’ll never find out, however, because a Draugr awoke in a nearby room.

“Draugr,” you sigh. “Great.”

The duo progressed through the catacombs- clearing Draugr and necromancer revived corpses alike as they progressed.

One was taunted by endless streams of taunts from a dead spirit that only she could hear- the other was concerned for his companion’s sanity.

It was when they encountered a resurrected Vampire and Draugr that Ayano began to understand what was going on.

“You’ve come far, mortal,” The Vampire said, “No doubt you seek to enter Potema’s Sanctum. I can see to that. We’ll need plenty of fresh corpses to rebuild her army, you see.”

When he died by blade and arrow- Ayano remarked: “Potema!?”

“Yeah?” Mierfa raised an eyebrow, “What about it?”

“We’re hunting the Wolf Queen!?” He asked, a bit frantic.

“Yeah, so?” She asked.


“Can you stop that, please?”

“So we’re going in to get Potema’s remains?”


“Risking life and limb to prevent her from being resurrected and throwing Skyrim into even MORE chaos?


“…And she’s been tormenting you this entire time?”

“I just explained all this, didn’t I?”

“I’m just trying to understand all of this.”


“So is that everything?”


“Alright then.” He glanced to the door that Potema should be behind. “Let’s go bust some ghosts!”

> C8b

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