Sanctuary Lost

29 Jun


I investigated the old Werewolf sanctuary earlier today, just west of the old Brotherhood sanctuary. Saddest thing to see it as it is. Brief as my time was in the Falkreath Brotherhood, I still heard good things about it from Astrid’s husband.

A Silver Hand came through recently, I’m assuming sometime after the Brotherhood sanctuary was burned otherwise I would have heard of this sooner. The abandoned orders made mention of someone from the Companions having fled here, and that they should be killed and burned. And the library….! Such a shame to see it in that state. I myself am not a werewolf, but I felt rage at the discovery.

During my recent travels, I stumbled upon a Sorcerer’s tower. I still struggle to unlock the so called ‘treasure’ that lays behind a magical ward. However, at this point of time, I can’t just allow it to sit undisturbed for some unprepared adventurer to stumble upon like has happened already. While I searched for the third of three rings, I visited the Temple of Dibella in Markarth on a whim- and interrupted a scrying ceremony for the new Sybil. As ‘punishment’ they sent me to go get the girl from the nearby town of Krathwasten. As it turned out, she had been kidnapped by forsworn.

In the process of tracking the forsworn down, I ran into a Silver Hand outpost. I decided to take revenge by practicing with a newly discovered sword- The Infinity Sword. Quite precarious to use- I nearly would have set myself on fire had the sword not been enchanted to protect it’s wielders. Also my way towards rescuing the future Sybil- I stumbled upon a shrine to yet another Daedric prince. This one offering me a shield for clearing out a den of Afflicted Bretons and their wayward ‘keeper.’ As this place has given me some trouble in the past- I decided to humor the Daedra in order to flush it out.

Goodness- I shudder at the thought of what might have happened to me in the past had I not taken this Daedra up on the offer. These Afflicted were quite numerous- and quite vicious! I killed those who attacked on sight and spared those who had no interest in my presence. In the end, I faced their keeper and- By Oblivion!- was he an insane one.

He was teleporting all over the room when I appeared to confront him- more so than that one Draugr who used teleporting as a shuffle game of chance. I don’t know how I would have defeated this “Keeper” without the Infinity Sword. I was able to use it’s explosive flinging powers to target the man as he tried to shoot me with ice spikes as he blinked around the room. It was quite blind chance whenever I managed to actually hit him with the sword itself.

In the end- I’ve rescued the girl- and I feel that at least there is some small justice in the world at this moment.

> Wyrmstooth Return

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