08 Jun


Found the tower I’d been searching for- an entire Dwemmer research facility owned by a man named Mzark. He was a man ahead of his time, I’m quite surprised. Ran experiments into creating more smaller centurions and hard light technology. “Holograms” they’re called. This Mzark was quite something I’ll say that. He made “Artificial Intelligence” programs stored inside cubes. There were four in total…

MZ, AR, KA, and I-2.

I had to go through quite dangerous ruins just to find these four and return them to their central hub. Hard Light- An assembly factory- a Submarine bay- Each with their own time of Holographic Guardian. Red could be extinguished with water dousing their projectors, Greens could be shoved into the water, Yellows had projectors that could be destroyed… But I never figured out the White ones. They just sort of…vanished all on their own, although Bloodskall did manage to deal damage to some of them.

Regardless…I gained access to Mzark’s vault after dealing with the last of the whites- one of Mzark’s twisted constructs. The poor man was locked inside his own treasure room, along with a suit of armor that allowed teleportation back into the fault. Quite a problem for the man, I’m afraid. He died. Long before any of the Dwemmer vanished from the world.

Poor Mzark.

> Sanctuary Lost

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