23 May


One final task to clear up in Elswyr before I headed back to Skyrim: A massive beast that’s blackmailing the local Khajiit into feeding it. Quite the beast he was, Malsato or Malato something, huge and big and fat. Good grief. He wanted me to bring him food constantly… So I did. Poisoned Meat so we could lower his magical defenses and track down the infected raptor he was threatening everyone with should he not be fed.

Then I made him explode.

After that, I returned to Skyrim- found the oddest thing near Ivarstead. A Chicken Necromancer and his shrine.

Yes, you read that right.

A necromancer resurrecting chickens.

After dispatching his demon birds, I found a fort just recently overrun by bandits- it’s owner freshly evicted rather than killed. Big mistake, it seems. I cleared the bandits out at the request of the owner. After that, I found a ransacked Chapel of Stendarr. A griefstricken Vampire couple had attacked it after their family had been killed for simply existing. That poor man. The handwriting in his journal was so shaky…

Presently, I’m waiting for Ulfric to give me permission to investigate some Thalmor rumors through a gate on the border of Skyrim. The guards refuse to open it without his permission. In the meantime- I’ve found an interesting sword…Apparently it’s named “Elucidator.” I’m presently wondering what I should enchant it with at this point, if anything at all. Oh, wait, there’s the Jarl now.

> Ethereal Dragons


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2 responses to “BLACK MAIL EATERS

  1. springinkerl

    May 23, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    This is refreshingly insane.


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