Bloody Nose

14 May


In Traveling to Elswyr, I’ve gotten embroiled in small skirmishes against the Thalmor. Not all Khajiit are happy to be under their thumb, and one group, the New Elswyr Movement, has been running a campaign to fight against the Thalmor.

The Dominion is becoming resourceful, however. This Justi-whats-his-face has command of airships. I shudder to think what would happen if the Dominion decided to employ these against Skyrim. That said- my escapades have led to two air-ships being captured by the local Khajiit.

Justi-whats-his-face is now dead, killed when he decided to ram his airship into ours. I slayed him personally in his own quarters. The Coward was too scared to join the raiding party.

That said- I believe this has been a successful branching of my adventures. The Blue Box will keep travel between the parts of the continent quick and easy. Next on my agenda, I’ll continue to investigate the Thalmor presence in Elswyr, and see if I can’t flush the rest out. If Skyrim and Elswyr can both throw the Thalmor off their shoulders, that will give the rest of Tamriel hope for the future.

> Black Mail Eaters

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