Towers and Masks

25 Apr


I investigated Labryintihan. Found some things I’d missed on other trips. One was Shalidor’s Maze- created by the man whose books I’ve fetched for the Library at the College. It was cold. Snowy. I forgot to clear the skies until the very end, when the storm was so bad I was having a hard time even finding my way around. But this wasn’t the place I was looking for.

Near by- however- was a small chamber which has clearly seen better days. There was a set of statues like in the building I’d found, but they were all ruined. Unusable. However- it seemed that someone had found a way around that problem. A skeleton lay there on the pedestal along with a mask and a note. The Mask has warping properties within that room- a sort of temporal bubble. Once I donned the mask, I found the room whole, and intact. I was able to- indeed- retrieve the Ninth mask from this statue by using the other eight as keys!

Clever, Dragon Priests, clever.

However, as I was there, I heard people talking outside the room (which at this point was locked tight, and I was unable to exit). Apparently a Dragon had sunk a tower just recently- outside of present day Solitude I’ll note- and whomever it was who were talking did not sound happy about it. Were they Greybeards, perhaps? I suppose I’ll never know now.

Regardless- this tower has since resurfaced in present times- a structure made entirely out of ice! The Thalmor were investigating it just the same as I was- for different reasons, however. They wanted some insane power- I simply wanted to see what was in there that could anger a dragon to sinking it.

As it turns out- a set of armor that was worn by Talos himself! Interesting- but nothing I could keep. The fragments were transformed into a necklace once I’d put them all together. As far as a Nordic Proving Ground, this tower was quite impressive. I doubt I could have solved this earlier on in my journeying- I needed three whole shouts which I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Cleverly- but a tad too late to be of any use to me- were three maps at the end of each trial, marking where I could learn the words for each shout used in that trial. It took me a while to figure that was what it was, but the markers made no sense otherwise! High Hrothgar was marked solely for the Clear Skies Shout. Quite clever, the Greybeards who made this tower. Quite clever indeed.

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