Reporting Officer

24 Apr


What. A. Farce.

I don’t know what to say, honestly. Ulfric sent me a report by way of Messenger that there was some suspicious activity by way of men going missing near a tomb just behind Riften during the war. Both Imperials and Stormcloaks alike have gone missing- and I can see why Ulfric was concerned. This tomb is a death trap! One of the last installations of the Dragon Priests during the Dragon War. As it turns out, there was an Altmer outside of it- guiding people along into the ruins with the same rehearsed speech- tricking wayward soldiers and travelers into investigating it’s insides.

This “Captain” wanted a mask and staff fro the inside of the ruin- both held by the Dragon Priest who lived here! And… Good grief this was insane. Even this ‘god immortality’ whisper I placed on myself failed in here. I died and ended up resetting to Dawnstar just before I received the courier’s message.  What a pain! A whole day’s journey- wasted! And I’d just discovered a new household as well. Had to find the doorway AGAIN- though it was slightly easier knowing where it was this time around.

Even so- this tomb… I had to do the unthinkable several times and just RAN through the tomb with time frozen. These Draugr Death Lords were simple enough to take out if not for their NUMBERS. And then there were the massive amount of GHOSTS in there as well!! BlUh. Right now, I sit in Fort Dawnguard, resting up after that ordeal. The “Captain” was surprised to see me escaping from the building once I’d actually done what he’d asked- as a Stormcloak.

He was presently dressed up as an Imperial Captain giving the EXACT same speech to an Imperial soldier. This Altmer was a Thalmor agent, according to his orders, which specify a location near Labryinthian. Curiously, that household I’d discovered had statues for nine Dragon Priest masks- And this latest one makes Eight. I wonder if these two structures are related in any way? I suppose I’ll find out once I investigate that place again.

> Towers and Masks

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