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Mierfa grabbed the necklace right off of Nepos’ neck- the chain snapped almost instantly as she tore away from the man and his Forsworn agents before anyone could realize what was going on.

“A-AFTER HER!” Someone ordered as Mierfa dove through the front door, and ducked to the side.

‘Just like Skeevers,’ she thought with a grim smile.

As Nepos and his Forsworn goons ran out of the house, Mierfa stuck her foot out.


Nepos tripped over the bow and stumbled over the railing- and two of three Forsworn that were following him stopped in their tracks as he plummeted down the full height of the stairwell and then some. The third Forsworn stumbled and hit his head on the railing just the same.


“Ouch,” Mierfa grimaced at the sound, “someone should’ve warned him about living so high up.” Then, as the other three Forsworn turned to face her, she simply dropped the necklace onto the ground, and then turned to run. “Later!”

The Three Forsworn agents chased after her, but alas, their luck would not hold out.

She jumped off of the stairway- aiming straight for the top of a tree below. She landed on it, and as the large palm tree began bending down towards the ground from the sudden addition of weight, she jumped again- this time landing firmly in the middle of a pool.


Ayano looked to the sky as he climbed onto the carriage that would take him from the Desert plains of Whiterun to the Tropical Region of Markarth.

The Greybeards could wait, he had to find this mercenary- one of many- before he could hunt down this dragon that was terrorizing the citizens that thrived on the trading lanes of the East Empire Company.

He’d put an end to its trickery as Thane of Whiterun.

…Not that he even knew what that title even offered him. Balgruuf hadn’t had a chance to explain at all.

Oh well. It wasn’t like he was going to earn that title repeatedly or anything.

“Halt in the name of the Jarl!” A Guard pointed his sword down at Mierfa as she grinned up at him from the pool she’d jumped into. “You are wanted for crimes against Skyrim and her people! How do you plead?”

“Take me away, officer!” Mierfa held her hands up and grinned even wider, “I submit! Take me away to jail!”

“Smart woman…” The Guard began, then stopped as he took in that insane grin she was giving him. “I think…?”

Cidna Mine- it was a Prison that mined Silver.

Mierfa realized the Irony of Thonar’s name- the Silver-blood clan. The Mines got their silver from the sweat and blood of prisoners. She’d gotten the full story from Thonar already, well before she went to confront Nepos. Madanach, also known as the King in Rags, had been the leader of the Forsworn years in the past- but he had been captured when Ulfric Stormcloak came through and freed Markarth from the Forsworn occupation.

Madanach was to be executed after his sentence- but instead Thonar had him spared, and locked him in the mines to ‘direct the rage of the Forsworn’ at Thonar’s enemies.

Margret had, unfortunately, not been one of Thonar’s- but instead was an ‘enemy’ of Nepos. As an Imperial Spy- if she had discovered that Madanach was still alive- the Imperials would have increased their occupation of the city, and potentially came down harder on them than they already were.

The Thalmor had a presence in the city- and Nepos wasn’t about to let them get a stronger foothold. Mierfa could sympathize, she hated those stuck up pricks just about as much as anyone could, but to murder someone…? Surely there had to have been another way.

Well- now she was finding one.

Her plan was simple- Madanach was thought dead by almost everyone in Markarth. Nepos was dead- leaving only Madanach in the upper Forsworn hierarchy. If she took him out- the Forsworn wouldn’t be assassins as they had been twisted into- and potentially all the corruption in the Hold, that stemmed from Nepos tricking Thonar into thinking the Forsworn were under control, would be cleared up.

That was the plan, anyways. Who knew if things would work out that way.

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