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The world shook with thunder- no, a shout! A Call! A Summons! Everywhere- this call was heard.

Mierfa wondered just what in Skyrim that was just now as she entered the local Treasury house. It was…strange, that. Something in the world had just happened, and she had no clue what it was. At the very least- it wouldn’t affect her business in Markarth any time soon.

As she entered, though, a guard muttered, “The Greybeards summon the Dragonborn to High Hrothgar. And who among us could hold that honor?”

Mierfa shrugged at the guard, “not me, that’s for sure.” With that, she approached the main desk and smiled at the receptionist, “Hi.”

“Hello, how can I help you today?” The woman, Rhiada, smiled at Mierfa- and it was a comforting smile. That of someone who looked down upon those in the child-age range and saw a potential she herself would soon be raising. This must be Eltrys’ wife, Mierfa deduced.

“I’m here to see Thonar Silver-blood,” Mierfa said as simply as possible, “He’s expecting me.”

“I…” Rhiada frowned a little, “I don’t think he is? He said he wanted to be left alone today.”

Out of the corner of her eyes, Mierfa noticed the two servants working on the floor seemingly tense up at this conversation. She’d have to play her cards carefully…. Quickly now, think of a clever lie!

“I came to help investigate the Dwemmer Artifact he was sent the other day?” Mierfa lied.

“Oh- that thing?” Rhiada seemed to recognize whatever Mierfa had just came up with. A Lucky break, for once. “I guess Jarl Balgruuf figured something out about his piece then?”

“Who knows,” Mierfa shrugged, “I’m just here to look at the thing.”

“Well,” Rhiada seemed to contemplate this, “I’ll need to talk to Thonar about this, stay here please…”

And with that, the pregnant woman sauntered off to the side room, leaving Mierfa alone with the two servants and a woman working on something by a desk- a woman who was now looking at Mierfa oddly.

“Hi,” Mierfa smiled and gave a small wave.

“You’re here to help my husband investigate that strange piece of technology?” The woman, evidently Thonar’s wife, asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I am,” Apparently, “there are a lot of those things popping up everywhere now.” She had no clue what she was talking about.

“Interesting…” The woman smiled as she turned back to her work, “My name’s Betrid Silver-Blood.”

“Like the Inn?” Mierfa asked.

“No, we don’t own that. The owner insisted though. My husband and I own Cidna Mine, all of the wealth that comes out of it flows through this treasury house and pays everyone,” Betrid explained. “Thonar’s the real head of the family, though. He may not be the eldest, but all the work that keeps us respected is handled by my Thonar.”

“He sounds like a nice guy,” Mierfa mused. Shame it was possible he was tied up in all of this Forsworn nonsense. “It must be tough though, having to work with everyone’s finances as well as owning a whole mine?”

“Nepo helps out too,” Betrid continued, “his work keeps a lot of the finer details in check.”

There was the sound of metal sliding out of a sheath- followed immediately by the sound of a magic spell beginning to power up.

“Get Down!” Mierfa’s reaction time spared many a death on this day- she leaped forward- pushing Betrid to the ground as the elderly woman- one of the two servants- fired an ice shard at the SIlver-Blood’s head.

Ice shattered against the wall, and as the would be assassin tried to aim another ice shard spell- Mierfa brought out her bow and fired an arrow at about as point blank as could be held in this room. It broke through the woman’s forming ice shard and made it explode prematurely- forcing her back just as the older man servant came forward with a dagger. 

Mierfa didn’t have time to grab another arrow- so she kicked out at the man’s gut.

She missed, and hit him a few degrees to the south.

As the man stumbled backwards in shock and surprise- dropping the dagger as his hands went towards the injured region- the older woman came running up for round two, preparing a sparks spell. Mierfa jumped to her feet and threw a punch forward with her bow- hitting the woman in the jaw with the wooden bow- and sending cracks up along its surface.

The woman stumbled backwards with a growl, and just as she did such- two heavily armored men in Nordic armor came rushing in with war-axes drawn.

The elderly man turned on them, though clearly not focusing well due to the pain- summoning fire spells to blast at them.

It was then that Thonar and Rhiada came running in from the other room- each of them wide eyed in shock.

This was a major mess.


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