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“…” Mierfa stared at the spider before her. It was presently unaware of her presence, and she intended to keep it that way. The Jungle Spider was chewing on some miners, it appeared, and she shuddered as she remembered her near-death by a similar spider.

“Nope,” she whispered to herself, “my luck has definitely Not improved.”

Silently, she pulled out her bow, a few arrows, and a bottle of poison. She tipped the edge of the arrows in poison, and then lined up the first shot.

“Show me those eyes, you big, ugly bug,” Mierfa muttered as she tensed the string back just a bit more. “C’mon…c’mon…”

Finally, the spider finished with its current meal and turned towards the corpse of an imperial body guard.


The Spider reared back as the poison tipped arrow slammed into one of the many nerves that connected each of its many, many eyes together. Suddenly- it’s vision in those connected eyes turned upside down and inverted in colors. In contrast with its still functioning eyes, this sudden change of vision was insane.

It couldn’t adapt- it was now blind.

Mierfa watched as it shambled around in dismay, desperately trying to find her.

She wasn’t going to give it the chance.


The second shot went straight and true- it hit another of those critical optic nerves, and the Spider’s vision continued to worsen.

This time, it had a vague direction of where the arrow had come from, using this and the previous shot to triangulate Mierfa’s position.

She lined up a third shot- this time on one of the legs.

It was getting closer- but that wouldn’t help it any.


The Third arrow’s poison reacted to the fluids in the spider’s knee- and it collapsed as it lost it’s balance.

The Spider would soon be dead, Mierfa nodded to herself as she switched to the two-handed ax.

One swift strike would end it all.

“You are….Dragonborn!” a guard said aloud in awe.

Everyone was too caught up in the sight of the burning dragon to notice how the comment had made Ayano’s body tense up.

“Just like the legends of old,” the guard continued, “The Dragonborn can absorb the powers of a Dragon! And that’s what you did, didn’t you?”

“I…” Ayano had no clue what to say to that, “I don’t know…!”

“There’s one way to find out,” The Jarl said as he helped the boy to his feet, “Dragonborn have the ability to shout, just like the Dragons do. If you can shout, then you must be one!”

“Yeah!” Another guard nodded, “Do a shout! If you can’t, then…!”

The boy frowned, trying to think of something he could say to prove them otherwise…

But then he remembered something he’d seen in Bleak Falls Barrow.

One word.


It came out of his mouth as a whisper, but affected the world as if it had been roared.

A Shockwave that slammed forward into the dragon’s skeleton, and caused the bones to rattle and shake as if struck by a person-sized hammer.

“That was shouting that you just did!” a Guard almost squealed, “You are! You really are Dragonborn!”

“What do you make of this, Irileth?” The Jarl asked of his Housecarl.

“I don’t know about anyone being a Dragonborn,” Irileth began, “All I know is that I see a dead dragon- and he helped us put it down. Anyone that can do that is enough in my book.”

“I see,” The Jarl smiled at her, though he seemed sad to a degree.

“Regardless, that was the hairiest fight I’ve ever been in,” Irileth continued on as she looked at Ayano, “I’m glad that you’re on our side, boy.”

“I’m…just glad to be of help,” He smiled faintly.

Of course- her curiosity was about to kill her yet again.

Mierfa had, instead of leaving immediately to report that the Spider was dead, instead began venturing into the ruins after finding a note about a lost expedition on the Imperial Guard’s body.

She couldn’t help it, she had to find them if they were still alive.

In any case- it was a chance to hone her archery skills.

The first man she found purely on accident. But he was dead- of course. His journal noted the locations of the other three expedition members, where they were at. He’d been leaving to fetch supplies, apparently.

No such luck against Falmer.

In the end, with many Falmer dead, and four dead mages journals recovered, she stumbled upon the thing that had done them all in-

The Dwemmer’s Defense mechanism- its trigger a leaver that had been failed to be reached on time. The ruins were infested with Falmer, but there were still many more to come.

Should she activate the defense mechanisms, and potentially put the outside Expedition in danger? But then again, if the Falmer decided to exit the ruins and flood into the city…?

Mierfa pulled the lever, and watched as Giant, Dwarven constructs awoke from their slumber.

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