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You are now PINA AYANO, and you are FIGHTING A DRAGON outside Whiterun.

You are now MIERFA DURGAS, and you are SEARCHING THE HALL OF THE DEAD for a Cannibal.

He wasn’t sure how it came down to this- with the entirety of the Jarl’s court guards marching out to the Western Watch tower being led by the Jarl Balgruuf himself!

It was simple- while investigating the dead woman, Margret’s, room, Mierfa had heard from the INN owner that the Hall of the Dead was closed for some reason.

The Jarl proved himself to be a greater man than Ulfric Stormcloak- willingly going out to FIGHT a dragon instead of escaping to safety along with everyone else.

And Balgruuf didn’t even have “The Power of the Voice.”

Of course it would turn out that Margret was an Imperial spy investigating the same thing that Mierfa now was. A Forsworn conspiracy tied up to the Silver mine/prison in town.

She hoped that the same first letters in their names didn’t mean anything.

The Dragon- who boisterously called himself Mirmulnir in the Dragon tongue- had not been expecting such a large force of soldiers to come confront him. He relished in the chance to eat them all, not that he would get the chance.

For, it was at the turning point of the battle that a shockwave echoed through the skies as something small, bright, and round fell from the sky- a trajectory that luckily collided with Mirmulnir’s right wing.

The Mighty Dragon fell to the earth.

In following the rumor from the Inn-keeper about the Hall of the Dead- just in case the Forsworn were up to something there- Mierfa found out that there was something a lot sicker than that going on. Someone had been eating the dead.

The Man who ran the hall was concerned, and would only open it once he knew it was safe to do such. And so she went in- not at all expecting the things she discovered inside those doors.

An insane woman temptress.

The Object- which was undamaged save for some soot and smoke- babbled on about something called “Space” while the guards bared down on Mirmulnir. Ayano decided to do the most insane thing ever–

He jumped onto the dragon’s back while it was on the ground, and dove his twin swords into the dragon’s eyes.

Dovahkiin!? NOOOO!”

Balgruuf’s Ax slashed the dragon’s neck open in the next moment while it was distracted.

The World exploded into fire.

The strange woman’s voice echoed through the hall of the dead as if recorded, even as the woman herself confronted Mierfa. What an idiot, Mierfa thought, trying to convince her that she was a cannibal–

After talking the woman into revealing her hideout, Mierfa shot her with several arrows.

“How could I have guessed wrong!?”

The insane woman had no chance to properly summon a flame atronarch, or turn herself invisible.

Her life ended with an exploding construct.

Ayano landed on his back with a groan as the dragon’s body dissolved out from under him- he barely noticed the strange flow of power that rushed into him from the Dragon as its body burned up into a skeleton.

Everyone else stared on in shock and awe as the Last Dragonborn was revealed to all.

The Hall of the Dead was to be reopened, but, as the old saying goes, there was no rest for the wicked. Mierfa grumbled as she held her head to hold back an oncoming wave of de ja vu.

She’d been talked into killing a Jungle spider inside a Dwemmer Ruin under Markarth.

> C3(b)

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