29 Mar


The Black winged beast roared- and meteors fell from the sky, crashing into the trees and buildings with no regard for safety.

Mierfa was at a loss as she quickly dove into the Inn to avoid being squashed by a massive rock. A Dragon! A real, live, breathing Dragon! Attacking Helgen! ‘My luck sucks‘, she thought with a grimace. First Riverwood- now Helgen? Things just seemed to keep exploding! There was a near miss by a boulder that tore a hole open in the roof and then continued on through a near-by wall- and she realized that this building wouldn’t be safe for very long.

With a quick check to make sure she still had her bow (though she seemed to be low on arrows), Mierfa prepared to make a break for it through that recently made hole. ‘It’s now or never!” she took in a deep breath, and then ran through the opening.

Half a Minute later- a Breton boy who had been on the prisoner convoy jumped down through that opening in the rooftop, unintentionally following Mierfa through a common path.

She’d barely managed to duck into an alley between two houses when the dragon landed in the street and breathed a rolling wave of fire across the street. Over the roar of the dragon’s shout (which, Mierfa noticed offhandedly, sounded a lot like “YOL!”), she heard one of the Imperial guards she’d just ran past talking to a surviving villager or two.

“I’m going to help General Tullius and Join the defense!!”

She saw him heading her way just after the Dragon took to the sky again.

Mierfa ran.

She ducked into the remains of a nearby house just in time to narrowly dodge another Fire Blast from the Dragon. This time she was close enough to feel the Shockwave from the shout (Definitely “YOL!” it was yelling, How odd!) as well as the heat from it.

Thankfully, it passed after another moment as the Dragon took to the sky yet again.

As she ran out into the street- keeping small as to avoid making herself a target- the Imperial Soldier Hadavar and the Breton boy followed the same path.

Mierfa didn’t see them, and they didn’t see her.

She ran past Imperials who were shooting up at the Dragon with fire balls and arrows, and then, finally, found her way into the Keep- running inside just in time to miss hearing Hadavar and Ralof begin arguing about which one of them the younger boy should follow.

> C1(b)

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