[ooc] NOT MY DAY

21 Mar

That is to say: Not CALIBORN’S day. 😛

As well as mine too…do a degree.

I went into Skyrim this morning to record the next ‘season’ of footage… And I get screwed over by the Skyrim Update and SKYSE not recognizing my current version. Once I got THAT fixed….I load up and immediately Caliborn keels over from a lack of Hit points. 0_o. Reload, and TGM’d before he got hit by whatever it was.

A portion of the way through this morning, I wound up goofing on my keys and loaded an old save by accident. So suddenly the footage won’t match up…I can cover that with an episode break, but…

I ended up having to replay the same segment of game play three times before I got caught up due to the game throwing me off course.

Long story short: as I continued on, Caliborn ended up having a worse and worse day. Vampire attacks, Assassins, Cultists, DWEMER STEAM GUARDIANS wandering around OUTSIDE of a set of ruins– Oh, and then for whatever reason, the PogoHammer was missing from Riften where it should’ve been. So I had to cheat it into existence which I’ll have to cover up with *ANOTHER* Episode break…

Anyways. Caliborn’s now in Solsthime, pretty much keeled over and wondering WHY he’s there and HOW he’s still alive given how damned tough these Ash Spawn are.

Legendary difficulty.


-_-; A Lv 13 Caliborn stands no chance.


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