Seven for Seven

11 Mar


I was right- The Rieklings were hoarding a book away in one of their Nordic Tomb conquests. Finding it was no easy task though. Also another correct deduction- there was a book hidden away in the Barrow I’ve been funding the excavation of. Poor Ralis was only digging the tomb out because the Dragon Priest inside was messing with his mind. I shudder to think of all the lives lost because of this one book. But regardless…

After doing a thorough sweep of the island- I believe that it is clear of all Black Books. This makes seven all in all- with my having taken the one from Tel Mytherin (am I spelling that right? I doubt it.) and the mage who was studying the books. I felt safer with these all together- and nowhere near prying eyes. I’ve now sealed them all away within my Haven bag- where they shall never see the light of Day or Night ever again.

Take that: Herma-Mora!

I’ve returned to Skyrim now, and reunited with Serana for some simple adventures. I’ve got a portal bridge across Solsthime and Skyrim from my little tower in Dawnstar, which makes transportation a lot easier than hiring a boat. Also of interest are the new “Skygates” that seem to have been installed since my last visit to Skyrim- I believe Ulfric’s had these Dwemmer artifacts installed for ease of transport across the holds and various locations now that the war’s over with. They seem to have been here for a little while, anyways, as most people seem used to them already!

Though I do wish I could find one in Dawnstar- that would make getting around so much easier. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places…? Who knows. I still need to give a look around at everything- maybe they haven’t finished installing the rest of them yet?? Doesn’t matter right now, anyways. In Thieve’s Guild related matters- I’ve delivered a letter to one Sapphire, from her hence-unknown father who is living in Solsthime. I wouldn’t have known it if he hadn’t let me take whatever I liked from his basement.

Fate works in funny ways, I guess. He chickened out on sending the letter, so I acted as Courier! Just another title to add to my long list of them, I suppose.

> Foot In the Door

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