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04 Mar


During my time here on Solsthime, I’ve funded a barrow excavation. That is partially why I’ve remained on this island for so long after defeating Miraak. There are many things here on this island that still do not make any sense- One of which are the numerous Nordic Tombs identical to ones in Skyrim.

A few of them are very odd! One of them was home to a Dragon Priest that was- apparently- the one who discovered Miraak’s treachery! It’s a good thing this guy was here- I think- or else Miraak may have escaped before I knew it!

But even so- the puzzles in that tomb were impossible. He could never have come to fight Miraak should he have escaped. The puzzles were strictly one way only. And then there’s the mine. Raven Rock Mine- closed for years now due to it ‘drying up.’ In actuality- the miners had stumbled into another tomb!

But this one wasn’t in ‘victory’ of Miraak’s banishment. This was another of Miraak’s hidden temples. The Dragon Priest at the end of this one summoned a Lurker from Apocrypha! And his mask…This dragon priest was clearly a follower of Miraak and Herma-Mora.

And what he was guarding…? Another of Miraak’s black books.

I’m sitting in front of it right now having written this and the previous page. I think- just in case- I shall leave a portal here- and take the book. Should it trap me inside Apocrypha like the others, I’ll simply portal back out. Regardless- I can’t let this book fall into the wrong hands.

Herma-Mora’s given me his ‘books’ before- and I think the only way I can keep these things safe from the world is to lock them away into my haven bag. If there are any more of them on this island, I’ll take them all and hide them away. I *will not* let Herma-Mora’s influence spread through the world.

In other news, I ran into a relative of Delvin’s- of the Thieve’s Guild- all the way out here. I’m currently holding the pic-ax he asked me to retrieve for him. I imagine that’ll be a surprise to Delvin when I return to Skyrim.

> Portal Confirmation

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