04 Mar


Miraak is dead. That much I can say for certain. His body burned up like any other dragon’s would- nothing but a skeleton was left. But getting there…? That was a pain. I returned to the Skaal village, and spoke to the Shaman who was protecting it… I wanted to make it clear I didn’t want him to do it but…he went ahead and read the book. I was expecting his body to be teleported away or at-least partially ‘away’ like I’d been…Herma-mora had other plans.

The poor shaman was killed by the tentacles emerging from the book, and the Daedric Prince appeared from it as he greedily absorbed the man’s knowledge. I attacked him for that- but not even my fire-shout could affect him. I have a headache just thinking of it. That murdering prince gave me the third word to the shout- and with that I left to his realm to hunt down Miraak. Getting to him was just as trap filled as it was getting through his temple. Which makes sense considering this particular book was the one I found inside the temple. It was all a part of the same dungeon. Once I got to the last area- I found a word wall, and a dragon. I used the full “Bend Will” shout to get the Dragon free of Miraak’s control, and he took me up to the tower in the sky- where Miraak was preparing himself…We fought. It was a long and hard fight- and it was more of a slap in the face for me than for him, I believe.

He used shouts that I knew against me: If I were too close- Whirlwind!- He’d be across the room. If I were about to land a critical hit- AURA!- he’d be intangible. What was even more absurd that he couldn’t help but to cheat- Every time I whittled him down to near death- he did something at long range that absorbed one of the circling dragon’s souls. By the time the fight was over- I could barely move across the field without tripping over one of their skeletons.

Finally- just as I was about to land the killing blow- that Prince intervened again. Herma-Mora back stabbed his own “servant,” telling him that he’d been replaced. As Miraak’s dragon soul was absorbed into mine, Herma-Mora offered me more knowledge of his… I turned him down by portalling out through the one I’d left on Solsthime- and returned to the village to let them know that Miraak was dead.

When I arrived- I learned that the local smith had been dragged off by elves to the south west. I decided to follow up on that- and discovered some Thalmor conspiracy on the island to get some ‘Strahrlm’ weapons. I Freed the smith- and convinced the Thalmor to give me their map and leave at once- or their lives were forefit.

They gave me the map- but never left. I slayed them with my cross bow at long range. Never even knew it was me up until there was only one of them left.

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