01 Mar


Well. This got complicated. After I found the dragon’s peak (And another dragon as well!) I went on thieve’s guild business to Markarth- and was hassled by two cUltists!! They approached me, and asked if I was the one called Dragonborn. When I told them such- they stood there for a few moments, and then blindly attacked! Everyone was rather mad by this- but I dispatched them easily enough.

And then I found a note- decrying me to be a “False” Dragonborn and insisting that I should be dealt with before I come to somewhere called Solthieme or Solsteim or Something. With that done, I went off to Riften to tell the Thieves Guild that I was leaving for a short while to investigate someone named “Miraak” who was sending people to kill me. They were understandably upset- but as I left, I was given warning about a nearby tower that seemed to be potentially ‘dark.’ Not wanting to take chances, I went to investigate.

It was a Haggraven den- and then I discovered something truly horrifying about those birds– THEY BECOME THAT WAY THROUGH A RITUAL! Bloody Oblivion what—!!! A woman’s mother was going to become one, and she did NOT want her to go through with it. So we ascended the tower, but before we exited it— The world seemed to hiccup. I felt that sensation that I do when I rewind, but like…like someone else had used it! It happened a few more times in that single moment- at one point it actually trapped my companion inside a wall for several moments!- and then….things became calm again.

We dealt with the woman’s mother, and with that- I left for Solthstime(?) via boat in Windhelm. The boat’s captain mentioned that he’d taken the cultists across a several day journey- and that he remembered none of it. With a deal of Revenge, I hired his boat and he’s presently taking me to the island.

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